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Sunday, 11 December 2016

#BloggersXmas 2016

When I received an invitation last month for this years #BloggersXmas event organised by the two talented sisters from Soeurs De Luxe I could not hide my anticipation, the reason being that I heard about the one they organised last year and so many great things about it. So being on the invitation list for this year was truly amazing. The event was held at the Finch's Pub a stone's throw away from Liverpool Street, a lovely quirky little place that I didn't know about and that I actually would love to go back for brunch in the near future. As soon as I arrived I got my Press Pass for the afternoon and already I was amused and very pleased to see a mountain of sweets welcoming us where we could help ourselves to as much as we wanted. You know me and my priority's: sweets first then brands. Once my bag of sweets was filled to the top. I decided to do a quick tour around and then select the brands that I am more likely to be interested by. 

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