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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Countryside weekend #2

I love countryside, as I am getting older the appeal of the trees, birds, fields and all things natural...are just something that I am more and more craving! It is odd for me to think that about 10 years ago I only had love for the city life. Don't take me wrong, back then I used to like escaping for a day in the country but I was always happy to come back to London. Now its kind of the opposite, I want to go more often in the countryside and every time my boyfriend and I have to go back to London it's rather depressing. I don't know what it is? But maybe this is what happen when you re in your 30's and you realise what's important in life and what should be protected and loved. 


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

the past few weeks #1

For the past few weeks I have done quite few things and I have received good news too. We shall start with the great stuff I did such as seeing Taste of London. I always wanted to go and was super excited when I was sent two tickets. It was also the perfect opportunity to spend time with my best friend Betsy, we both love food and giggling so it was a good fun mix. My Taste of London post is here if you haven't read it.

A few weeks ago I went to a motor race for the first time. It was the British Formula E race in Battersea park, I have never been a big fan of motor racing, but after a very convincing boyfriend pushing me to come with him (he's a big fan if you haven't gathered) I actually really enjoyed it. I think it was mostly the frill of seeing so many beautiful and colourful cars driving at great speed over taking each other and also for the noise and the smell! I know it sounds odd but I enjoyed the smell of blistered tyers and the sounds of their engines even if they are rather quiet compared to the non-electric F1. Now I am actually thinking that it would be very cool to go to see a proper F1 race and hopefully by next year this is something we'll do.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Barcelona part 2- cable cart, food and Guell park

I know I am about a month late on posting My Barcelona part 2 (if you haven't seen part1 it's this way) but I honestly kept forget it! But I have a lovely treat for you. This post will be heavy on pictures! Sorry for those who do not like photography like me but there is so many beautiful things to see and share in Barcelona. I am going to show you to the cable car views, Park Guell, and show you some of the gorgeous food I ate.

Lets start with cable car! I have to say I wanted badly to go on the cable car in Barcelona. There are few cable car lines but we went on the most obvious, and the most known, which is the one running from San Sebastia beach at the Barcelona harbour to and from Montjuic hill. We decided to take that route! When I suggested we do it, I forgot that I am actually terrified of hights and tangling from a small crowded cart above the sea was adding to the ever more terrifying moment in my head. But I survived to tell the tale although I spent half of the 10 minute climb with my eyes close (both ways). So I am brave but not that brave! I didn't take as many pictures (because having eyes closed does not help) as I wanted the view was rather beautiful but I managed to get few.


Sunday, 5 July 2015

aa Skincare - Seaweed & Aloe refreshing eye gel review

Unless you've been living in a cave the past few days, it is rather hot in UK right now and with the hot weather all we want is fresh salads, large fruity drinks with a mountain of ice and obviously ice cream (that is the best deal we get during summer isn't it?) Basically everything to refresh! But even though we get all those delightful refreshments it doesn't stop the heat wave getting to us. Personally I really dislike hot weather  as it make me feel tired, my legs feel heavy, gives me a puffy face etc. Basically I have no control of my body come the hot weather I feel more like a slug rather than a butterfly. I am more built for mild or cold weathers not really for the heat! 


Friday, 3 July 2015

a day with dinosaurs!

No it isn't the title of a new blockbuster movie, mind you that wouldn't surprise me, I'll even be up for seeing it if it exists! No this post is about my visit, a few days ago, on a very sunny afternoon in London to my all time favourite museum the National History Museum in South Kensington and I especially wanted to say hello to all the dinosaurs, yes I'm a child at heart!
When you first enter the museum not only are you are welcomed with an amazing room with an extremely high celling, Gothic stairways and stained glass windows where Mr Camarasaurus the stocky and powerful plant-eating (pheww!) relative of Diplodocus is welcoming you. What a beast it is, probably my favourite dinosaur in the whole museum. I only wish this magnificent beast was still alive and roaming some remote valleys somewhere in this world. Instead he can still live through our imagination.
By the way this is a picture heavy post! you've been warned :)

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