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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Autumn Greys | Outfit

This is my second outfit post, after all the lovely and supporting comments I had on my 1st one, few weeks ago, which you can find here, I felt much more confident to do an other one and I think I'll probably do one every now and then .Whenever I feel like it and of course when I have new outfits to show you. Two Sundays ago it was a very sunny morning in London but yet rather cold my photographer (alias boyfriend) and myself went back to Crystal Palace park in London which is minutes away from our flat to do an other outfit session.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Authentic Taste of India Banquet | Event

You know me, if I get an invitation to try an Indian menu created by a renowned Indian Chef it is most unlikely that I would refuse, I love food and I love even more Indian foods.
The event was held at Jenius Social in London and organised by ASDA, which as you may know by now, I team up quite regularly with them. At my arrival I was delighted to find a room amazingly well decorated for the event with enough light up tea lights to satisfied any lifestyle bloggers out there and also with beautiful vibrant fabric, flowers and colourful Indian inspired ornaments all over the room, event before the dinner start I was already in India.

After few glass of non-alcoholic cocktails (as an expecting mother no prossecco for me that night unfortunately) chatting away and watching an Indian artist making hen tatto an my fellow bloggers hands we were all ready to sit down and taste an exciting Indian menu. Chef Rehan Ahmed introduced himself and each dish and we started the round of delicious dishes which were:
Keralan Prawn Curry, vegetable Bhalti, Lamb Bhuna & Chiken Tikka Masala all served with a variety of dips, Bombay potatoes and naan breads. To finish all we were served two desserts: Mango Lassi which is like a cool mango sorbet to cool our taste buds and Kheer which is a traditional rice pudding made from coconut milk & flavoured with cardamon, raisins, saffron, cashews & pistachio topped with a gold leaf. Let me tell you this dessert finish that meal beautifully and \i could have easily got for second.
My two favourites , excluding mouth watering desserts, were the Keralan Prawn curry, an Traditional South Indian dish made with Juicy king prawns smothered in a creamy sauce, made of cumin, coriander, creamy coconut milk, Indian mustard & curry leave. It was mild , succulent , tasty and so creamy.
My second favourite was the Lamb Bhuna, this delicious dish was brought to life with an infusion of selected herbs & spices, including cloves, fennel which give to this dish an authentic taste of Indian. This dish had a little bit more of a bite but the succulent lamb just was the perfect match to all the spices.

After a round of succulents dishes, were finally introduced to actually from were all those dishes come from, and they were to all our surprise form the new range of Asda's new authentic Indian Meals. Carefully selected and developed to incorporate the flavours & textures of quality Indian dishes and can simply be enjoyed at home. Not at any point during that evening I guessed where those dishes came from but I can ensure you that it was a lovely discovery. 
 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54493-296-79E53BC17D95187FB5D27BBF5946862B.png 

Saturday, 12 November 2016

MAC Aids Charity Event With Anna & Lily Pebbles

Being a follower of The Anna Edit & Lily Pebbles on social media I heard they were doing a little last minute meetup this week at the MAC in Carnaby Street, London for the charity #MACaids, you know I couldn't miss the opportunity to say hello to Anna & Lily again (See my meetup with them last month here), try on some MAC lippy and most of all donate for #MACaids charity.
The MAC Aids Fund's mission is to help people form all ages, backgrounds & gender affected by HIV & AIDS. Their mission is to help mostly in countries were affected people are more at risk to be neglected. Being a beautiful charity to support and also this being the time of year where we all need to give more support to those in need I went down after a hard day at work and all warm up in my giant scarf to the M.A.C. store at Carnaby Street just near Liberty in SOHO.


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Kew Gardens | London

When in London there is definitely a place that cannot be missed for a long stroll with family or friends. It is luxurious, decadent, beautiful, educational  and most importantly it reminds you the beauty of nature. This place is Kew Gardens. Funnily enough 18 years ago when I first moved to London this was one of the 1st places I visited with a bunch of friends and I always remember how beautiful and grand it was...now 18 years later, I am actually about to leave London with a baby on the way and move with my boyfriend to our own house in the countryside and so to close the loop I went to visit Kew Gardens once again, a few weeks ago.

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