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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Saturday Shopping

There are a few new additions of make-up in my life right now and I love them so much already ! I totally love KIKO collection.
What about you ?

Have a lovely weekend guys.
                                                  Especially loving that delicious red lipstick.


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday plan

Hi Dolls!!

I wasn't planning to do a post today but as the weather is dreadful I decided that it would be a perfect pampering, chilling, type of day and I'll share it with you .

Lately I discovered, a bit randomly, Spice Buttercream candle from Illume , and I love the scent so much that I am looking forward to try another one of their candles.
I am planning to do my nails with either a poppy colour or grey ...humm...decisions, decisions...
And hydrating my skin and lips while listening to Lana Del Ray's last album and reading Oversight by Charlie Fletcher.
What about you? What is your Sunday consisting of?


Saturday, 22 November 2014

My Little Box - November 2014

Hi Little Fox's 
This week I received My Little Box UK November edition and the theme this month is: cosy.
For those, which are not familiar with My Little Box, it's a concept created by a French team and they have been available in UK for the past few months.
From all the boxes that I've tried out there, My Little Box is by far my favourite as you don't just get beauty products but also cute little things such as note books, hand made jewellery, candles etc. obviously every month there is a different theme so you never get the same thing.
This month the theme is : all about being cosy ! Well what can I say it is indeed a perfect time to get cosy when cold starts biting your little toes and all you want is a hot tea, a good book and a warm blanket to brave the cold nights. I actually do love Autumn and winter, both my favourites seasons!
Here what was inside:


Friday, 21 November 2014

November Glossybox 2014

Hi all !!
I hope I am doing this right but this is my 1st blog post and I am nervous yet excited at the same time! :)
I guess I need to start somewhere so here we go !!!
I subscribed to Glossybox UK  about few months ago and I received last weekend my 3rd box.
So the November Glossy Box edition is this month back to the original color : PINK
In this month box I received 5 products : 3 were sample sizes x 2 were full size products along with 2 leaflets:  one with description + prices of the 5 products.
I wasn't impressed at 1st, by the size of all the products but after looking at them carefully I realized that after all they were really nice samples to high quality , and sometimes I rather have a really good product in a small size than a really bad product in a large size . quantity not always mean quality in my opinion anyway.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

My beauty wish list - Winter 2014

 Well this is the season to think about wish list , so here my beauty wish list 2014 .
and I'll start this Autumn season with those 4 little beauties that I would love to find under the tree .
so far I think have been a good girl and my list do not go any further than my arm...well at the minute anyway!

1- the Hourglass ambient lighting blush


Blog Introdution

 Hello !
Welcome! My name's Marie , I am French and I've been living in London for over 15 years .

I always wanted to do a blog but never had the guts to do it, after many hesitation I decided that if I don't start now I'll never make the big step.

If you like beauty, fashion, London lifestyle, photography, food and cats well we'll get along just fine.



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