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Friday, 21 December 2018

My Christmas & Birthday Wish List

I am not usually someone that is bother with gifts at Christmas or for my birthday (by the way my birthday is a week before Christmas hence why I regroup both celebration into one post) I find that its always lots of pressure for people to buy things and I am more than happy to just have a meal and drinks but of course receiving gifts its still very lovely I wont denying it. I am more of a person that prefer giving than receiving. having say that there is few bits a bobs that have been wishing to have for few months now I will most likely buy all myself and I don't expect anyone form my family to get them for me but i though i regroup them into my wishing list. it is very home based apart one skincare product. but lets talk about each of them. 

Lily Rose Bumblee Gold Necklace I have a thing for bumble bee since like...forever so since I saw that beautiful bumble be necklace by Lily Rose I had to have it. This necklace have been in my wish list for weeks and I truly hope I will be able to purchase it or to have it as a gift ( I did mentioned it to my partner a while back) 

Dusty Pink Velvet Chair - Last year I had for my birthday a dressing table, which you can find my post about it here, but I still have no charir to go with (I know silly) so my drssing table get very little use as it is always a struggle to go downstairs to get a charir from my kitchen etc. anyway This chair is just going to be perfect especially with the gorgeous dark feature wall in my bedroom and all the wood and gold accent deco etc. 

Natural sheepskin To go with hopefully the above chair I would actualy love a sheepskin not necessary natural as I do not know if its better or not for the environemet and animal welfear ( I need to do some research on this) but to go by my dressing table and chair will be the perfect companion.

Oliver Bonas Drinks Trolley  well this is more something my partner and I wish to have in our newly refurbish living room, We do like our gins and liquors and we do not really have any place to put them all so a gold and marble like trolley would be fabulous and look right at home in our living room.

Drunk Elephant The Little Kit Its been a long time (think at least 2 years) that I haven't try something new or lets say something a little bit more luxurious than my Superdrugs own brand day cream at £3 (its actually a good one). I would absolutely love to try this Drunk Elephant mini kit after many good reviews I heard or read around. Have you try this brand? 

Ikea Gold & White Candle Holder  well I do love my candle and of course candle holder. lately we finished refurbishing our fire place and all it need its few accessories like this holder trio with a big of gold accent ( that would work perfectly with our dark grey feature wall).

Rose Quartz in his natural appearance. I love my gemstones & crystals which remind me I shall do a post about it soon. But in the meantime having few more to add to my ever growing collection would be great. Any types will do I pretty much all of them. 

Crystal Clear Quartz Pendant- As mentioned above I do love my crystals and there is something soothing and relaxing about a crystal clear quartz and this pendant is just a dream. 

Have you made your Christmas wish list ? Tell me all. 
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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Essence autumnal beauty haul

It's been a while since I did a little beauty haul, in fact not because I was not interested or I did not feel like sharing them anymore but purely because I did not buy any new beauty goodies since the beginning of this year. Why ? You may ask! Well... I wanted to use my already large stash of makeup and I felt, only until lately, that I did not needed anything new. I guess my love for make up was too strong and I gave up on a a year without buying anything new but personally I deserve the biggest pat on the back as I went about 10 months with no purchase and not many of us can say that (not judging!).
Essence is an inexpensive beauty product that I feel doesn't get enough good justice. I truly believe that their quality are the equivalent of more knows high street brands selling for 2 to 3 times the price.
Let me take you around my little haul which I have to admit have a very Autumnal feeling even so we are days away from entering officially the Winter season. 

First all lets start with the Colour Boost Liquid lipstick in matt. This beautiful nudy mauve in the shade: 04 Mad Matters is just truly beautiful and right on trend at the moment. I tried it and it delivered high on the 'stay on your lips for many hours after application' deal . It is highly pigmented, it does not feel heavy or sticky and it is matt as promised. In all honestly all you need its one swap and you are ready to go without worrying about anything else. 
Also lets not forgot to mention the scent which as a cocoa / coconut fragrant I am not sure if it is intentional or just how the product smell but either way it is a nice fragrant. This liquid lipstick collection come s in 6 other shade so grab one or all before it's too late and at £2.80 you can't get it wrong really.

Oh I do love an Autumnal nail polish shade it is pretty much what I own the most in my large nail polishes collection and I have to admit that a large part of my collection is from Essence nail polishes. I picked up shade ref: 117 Pumpkin Spice which is literally the best name to describe it. Its literally a pumpkin colour nothing more to add there. Its vibrant, beautiful and yet again goes perfectly with the season so what more to ask? Being a big fan of Essence nail polish and having years of experience with their quality trust me that you can not go wrong with it. They usually need one quote and if apply with a top or base quote they can last as long as any more expensive brand. Come on girl ! Go get them !!

Last but certainly not least, I finally picked up that also absolutely gorgeous single Essence melted Chrome eyeshadow. The shade is ref: 06 Copper Me. And as the name describe it, it is a beautiful chrome effect copper. I am absolutely in love with it at the minute and once again absolutely perfect for Autumn and Winter! I am all about copper or dark gold type of eyeshadow at the minute. I will not wear anything else. This single eyeshadow have been my little mate for few weeks now and it deliver high on the pigmentation, the liquid chrome effect and is easy as apply as any other more luxurous brand out there. What I really enjoy about it its you can go all casual for a day at the office and building it up, for a more dramatic effect, for a night out in town with the girl r a date night with the boy. This eye shadow cost me only £3 and it is part of 5 Melted Chrome shades.

What do you think about my little Essence haul? Have you tried Essence before? Tell me all by commenting below. 
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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Illuminated Christmas Trail At The Blenheim Palace*

On the day of my Cinderella Experience visit (you can find my post here) I also was offer the opportunity to see on the same day the Illuminated Christmas trail at The Blenheim Palace. I actually never seen a Christmas light trail before so I was truly excited on seeing one especially on a place such as the magnificent and grandiose Blenheim Palace's park. Which not only is absolutely stunning during the day with his century old trees, flower gardens, water features and monuments but they also include the Blenhem Palace's beautiful lake and one of the palace palisade as part of the illumination. I mean come on! What more to ask?

As you entered the illumination trail you are soon to realise that each part have been designed differently with the music that goes with it. You 'll came across light dancing on the lake, follow by the Gingerbread house (a delight for young children) follow by a red light tunnel that is very Instagrammable. ( I may or may have not feature it on my Instagram) then more illumination magic will follow from the hanging glowing flowers, to illuminate trees, to the bubble trail, but also the music light show by the lake's bridge , to the 100 of colours on the lake own waterfall. Its one stunning effect after another one all as beautiful and all as different as each other. But for me the highlight of this illumintaion has to be the Palisade light show along with classic Chrismassy musics on one of the face of the actual palace. This part made me so emotional that I had a little tears being so happy to be there right at the time with the love of my life and also seeing the joy an other people faces did help too. My 3 favourite would have to be the fairy light tunnel (toward the end of the trail) to the fairy tale light show glowing down the Blenheim Palace hill and of course, you guessed it, the absolutely stunning music and light show on the palace palisade.Just for these 3 you should book your ticket right now before its too late as yes all good things as an end and the illuminated Christmas Trail is on until the 1st of January 2019. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks the PR at Blenheim Palace for the Press invitation, my partner and I weren't expecting something so beautiful. We were both amazed.  

The Illuminated Christmas Trail is on until the 1st of January . Don't miss it!

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Saturday, 15 December 2018

This Season Best High Street Party Dresses For Plus Size Ladies

Being a curvy lady it is always difficult to find a dress, especially a party dress that you'll feel comfortable to wear. Two things you do not want to look like: 
That you are 20 years older than your actual age and not wearing a giant dress that look more like a tent for your next camping trip.
It might sounds like I am over exaggerating but, actually few years ago, this was a reality of pretty much all 'big size' clothes. They were ugly and most retailers though that curvy lady just wanted to hide all our curvy bits under meter of layer of fabric or we all love floral prints (I am not a big fan of floral prints that always make me look like my lovely grandma). They were a time that for me shopping for my size (18/20) was a real head ache and very often it used to make me very upset, I would come back home empty handed, frustrated and angry to the world that do not understand that bigger ladies need to also dress affordably and with clothes we feel comfortable in. Those days are gone ( although few retailers have not progress and are still stuck in their old fashion way...but we won't talk about them today) Those old days are far behind us, although I still feel there is still a lot to do but it's definitely MUCH better out there for us curvisious ladies for the past few years.
As the festive season are upon us so I though I'll give you a collection of my favourite party dresses from the most known brands for curvy lady all at an affordable price. I noticed there is a lot of sequin  & velour which is back on trend so why not embrace it!?

Lets start with this Half Velour & Half Sequin Cami Wrap Midi Dress from ASOS which scream Glamour !! Absolutely stunning with a pair of high heels and perhaps a gold clutch and few gold and sparkly accessorises along with a red lippy. Also I love the fact that this dress embrace your curve with a tight waist belt. We might be big it doesn't mean we won't like to show our beautiful curve ladies! This dress is at £65 and at this price it would be silly not to.

What about this absolutely gorgeous dusty pink all Sequin Knot Front Kimono Midi Dress? I mean this cannot scream festive any better . I absolutely love the large bat wing sleeves (to perhaps hide your bits and bobs) ,the V opening at the front for a sexy look and that soft v neck to elongate your neck ! Just perfect! This little number is also from ASOS.

The next one is by SimpleBe. I am absolutely loving this Forest Green Velour Midi Dress. I love yet again the oversized sleeves, the V neck , The skirt opening and the fact that there is a waist! This dress is at £25 and at this bargain price its impossible to not go for it. 

Let s start in the forest green theme but what about that absolutely glamorous Long Sleeve Maxi Dress Wrap & Knot Front Detail Dress by MissGuided. I am totally feeling that one especially the longer skirt and long sleeve and shall we mentioned that beautiful wrap + knot front detail. Gorgeous . This dress is at £40 what not to love?

Next on the line and still in the long skirt idea. I am absolutely loving that baby pink Glittered Mesh Dress by Forever 21. I love the neck line for that sexy vibe and the long skirt. I think this dress with a nice tan and few gold accessories would just look gorgeous. This beautiful Forever 21 is only £43.

Finally my latest choice is this absolutely stunning Sparkly Long Sleeve Midi Dress by M&S . It is a little more adventurous with the body con effect but if you feel brave enough I am sure any curvy lady can rock that dress.  This dress is also affordable at £39.50.

What do you think? Tell me all by commenting below. 
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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Cinderella Experience at the Blenheim Palace

Do you have what it take to embrace a journey into a magical world? Then do not go any further as I have the right magical experience for you. The Blenheim Palace created this year the most beautiful experience I ever had the chance to be invited to see first before the official launch.
This magical adventure is The Cinderella Fairy Tale Experience one of the most beloved magical adventure of all time. For its special festive edition the beautiful and already full of history Blenheim palace will take you on a journey into Cinderella magical adventure. As you walk along the historical corridor, already beautifully decorate for Christmas, you 'll come across rooms that illustrate each chapter of Cinderella story. 
The first room already give you the wow factor for things to come. As you entered the palace into the grand haul you are welcome by an exquisite decorated table that illustrate the adventure of Cinderella with intricate details, from Cinderella's little mouse friends, beautiful book artistically prepared to represent Cinderella each chapters.
Then follow the patch to more adventure to come as you enter the room of the evil wicked mother and her naughty fluffy companion: Lucifer, follow by the twisted twin step sisters room in a shamble of fabric and general disorder. Then you enter Cinderella simpler maid room where she's making her own dress out of old fabrics and rubban with of course the help of her little winged and 4 legged friends. Then you enter the more formal but elegant prince room also getting ready for the ball of the year not knowing he's about to meet the love of his life. And of course you get to meet the Fairy godmother which transform Cinderella's simple dress into the mot beautiful dress of them all with of course the famous glass slipper and the beautiful carriage made out of a pumpkin. You finish your adventure in the ball room elegantly decorated from the clock ticking the minutes passing until ring midnight to the lost of Cinderella's glass slipper. Absolutely exquisite.
My partner and I were truly impress with the large amount of detail and work put into each room. You could literally spend hours looking at everything and come back the next day to find things that you missed to see the day before. It is so full of beautiful details!  It s truly magical and a unique experience that  invited old and young to see. 
The Cinderella Experience is open until the 6th of January 2019 and as the festive season is upon us it would be a shame to miss it !




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Then if you already have not seen enough beautiful things with the Cinderella Experience the Blenheim Palace once again this year set up a light show trail all around their exquisite park lake along with a Christmas market. All the details and more pictures will be in my next post so stay tune.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks the PR team at Blenheim Palace for the Press invitation, my partner and I weren't expecting something so beautiful. We were both amazed.  

Have you visited Blenheim Palace before? Tell me all by commenting below. 

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