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Happy Women's day. A day not to fucking celebrate women with given them a 30% off coupon for bras and makeup.... NO!!! No it is a day to remember that we still need to fight against women discrimination (and transgender ) all over the world. A reminder that everywhere in the world women and girls are subject to discrimination by not having access to vote, to drive, to work, to education, not aloud to also decide what's best for their body, to FGM, being force to be married, not be able to stop a non desire pregnancy, to women that everyday suffer sexual harassment at work, at school, in the street and at home. This discrimination is happening every day and everywhere from so called 'developed' countries to 3rd world countries. No women in this world never ever could tell you that she never felt discriminated in some way or another. We ALL have a story to tell. All of us women. All unite.
A day to remind all women that the fight is still happening, it is a long journey to acceptance and equality. It is not going to change overnight unfortunately and probably many future generations still will have to suffer this discrimination, but I have high hope that one day all women born on this planet will be able to do and become whatever the fuck they wants to be and be equal to men. The journey is long but lets carry on the fight for future generation to enjoy that right.

I also dedicate that post to all the women in my life:

My mum that always told me I could do and be whatever the fuck I wanted to be.

To my sister, Anne, that had 3 kids and yet has her own carpentry business (and yes she has a vagina and she is doing a 'men' job!) and her business is doing amazingly well.

To my sister Virginie, who is sadly no longer with a us, but fight breast cancer like a champ. We love you and miss you so much!

To my bad ass grandmother that never let anyone tell her what to do.

To my 1 year old daughter that, even so she is very young, I know she is already full of determination and will. I will teach her that she is equal to men in EVERY WAY and that she can become whatever she wants to be. simple because she has the right. I am fighting for her every single day (yes you guessed it I am a feminist and proud of it!!) 

to Betsy, my best female friend who has that girl power attitude. Go girl! Go get them!

and finally to ME:

I did not had an easy life to start with. Have been also discriminated for having a vagina from being bullied from a young age to my late 20's for just being 'different', to anorexia, bulimia, depression, to have been sexually harassed at work, in the street and even in my own family, to have been told by my own father that the best that could happen to me was ..and I quote:  'to get married and become a house wife' to a male teacher that his only hope for me was also to have a good marriage (what the fuck is wrong with them?!) .
Well... I proved to those male that not only I succeed at school, despite them thinking I would failed, that I left, on my own, the comfort of home to travel 1000 miles away in a country where I could barely speak the language to then land my dream job in that same country and you know paid my own bills and shit. 
I proved everybody that I could be independent and needed no one to be a success (and yes I still did not had a penis by then after checking numerous time).
Today I speak 2 languages, I am a business partner to the love of my life, I have a blog that start getting paid interest from brands, I become a mum and I am successful in my own way and proud of what I achieved so far.

And finally to all of you, female, reading this. I salute you as I Know we don't have it easy everyday, be proud of what you achieved whatever that could be. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do anything.

Teach your girls and boys that equality is a right, regardless your gender, that your little girl can wear dinosaur pyjamas or super hero outfit and dream to become a footballer and expect to be paid the same as a man. and that your little boy can wear a dress like a princess and play with dolls and teach them to respect the opposite sex from day one. Let them be free, equal and educated from the start.

Love & respect to all my bad ass girls out there. Lets carry on the fight. #metoo
It was a clear but a crisp Thursday morning in January. What a better day for my partner to take baby and I to our near by, and one of our favourite city: Oxford, and discover what this beautiful and full of history this city had to offer. 
We made our choice to spend a day mostly in the Jurassic, while scrolling a little bit through Victorian curiosities to giant African animal skeleton and many other wonders. This place was the Oxford University Museum Natural History and this was our main place of choice for that chilly but beautiful sunny day.
I can't believe we are already in 2018!
2017 have been the year of many new releases from brands that came across the pond to our old land that is UK. Its been a year that I feel changed the beauty world forever as I felt there were more choices, more brands, more releases than ever before. I am not sure if its a better thing or not but either way it was an exciting year for beauty. This past year have been a bit odd for me so it does reflect in my beauty best bits and by that I mean I did not get all the trendy products or all the new brands out there. Reasons being its that I became a first time mum, moved from London to the countryside and I also did not longer have a full time job that feed my beauty thirst. I became in 2017 a mum at home (although training to become a Freelance Video Editor to work alongside my partner which is very exciting). A drastic life change (but an amazing one don't take me wrong !!) after working over 17 years in London as a Merchandiser / Production assistant for High Street Fashion brands such as Top Shop, River Island, ASOS, Urban Outfitters etc. to name a few to a full time mum to my gorgeous baby girl. Having said love for beauty haven't vanished hence why there is still rather a few products that I really enjoyed using in 2017 and that I felt needed to be mentioned and not forget:
This is the first time ever that I do one of those 'What I Got For Christmas' post. I think, in the past, I never wanted to do one as I always though people might think I am bragging, but the truth its that I totally adore watching 'What I got for Christmas' YouTube videos and same with blog posts. I am just a nosy cow and I love to see how excited and appreciative people are showing their Christmas gifts. 
So this year I decided to do my version. The only difference its that I combined my birthday and Christmas gifts as my birthday is literally a week before Christmas. And yes ... I know I am late and Christmas was like 2 weeks ago but I am never on time in my schedule, perhaps a new year resolution or at least something I should improve on ? :) 
 If you read my Autumn Favourite (here) and my Bedroom Mood Board which you can also find here. You'll know that my partner and I are in the middle of refurbishing our entire house from literally floor to ceiling. Its a fairly old house and every rooms needs to be modernised. Windows need to be changed, all floors to be redone, plastering etc. you name it the whole lot! So far we've done our 2 bedrooms and the office/ studio room.  

Since I first heard about Glossier, months ago, I just knew this brand was up my street. New beauty launches happen almost every month and to be honest with you for a lot of them I am just not that interested (mostly because I don't always have the funds), but last summer when I heard Glossier was soon to launch in the UK I could not be happier. I am a skincare type of girl, I love my make up (especially my lipstick), don't take me wrong, but I get way more excited about skincare. Glossier had everything that I love, and yes, I'm not going to lie that the huge number of mentions this brand had before their arrival in the UK got me even more excited!
There is a new kid on the block and it goes by the name of Botanicals. What appealed to me was the Organic label, the vintage looking packaging and mostly for the promise of many things that come with this brand, that I am sure we'll hear more and more good things about in the months to come. 
I am lucky enough to own a house that my partner and I can decorate as we pleased. We moved there early this year and the whole house is in serious need of redecoration (see my post about it here). We have now completed my baby girl room, the office / studio and now we are in the process of decorating our bedroom. My partner mentioned, numerous times, that I can design it how I want it. So with this in mind I decided to go with one striky feature wall. The paint I choose is Nirvana by Colours, a very deep dark blue with a teal undertone that I totally adore. It is 'out of my white walls comfort zone' but I love it. My plan now it's to built decor and furniture around it, I am feeling:  teal, copper, rust, grey & mustard colors along with texture and also gold and wood artefacts is, I believe,  the way to go. Below are what is inspiring me and I hope will inspire you too.
There is a misconception that when you first start a blog you need a lot of equipment to be able to create professional content. The truth is that really you don't, you can easily create content that is very pleasing to the eye without breaking the bank.
Here is what people think you need but really you do not:
You know I have a big love for skincare. If I had to choose between skincare and makeup I think I'll choose skincare no questions asked. When Qlabo proposed that I try their Eauphoria Complete Moisture Treatment* I just could not refuse, especially that I have been recently looking for a good moisturiser. When the colder months of Autumn & Winter arrive my skin just screams help! for hydration.  This Eauphoria Moisture Treatment seems to be the answer for it and with it comes high expectations.
Its been a while since I entered a Lush shop or do a little Lush haul for that matter. Not because I didn't feel like it but since I moved out of London, 9 months ago, and that my new town do not have a Lush store, its been difficult for me to get my hand on some well deserved Lush products! I know I can place an order online but I have to admit I much prefer the store experience where you can touch, smell and and even try most of the Lush products. Lately my partner and I went for a date in Worcester (His home town) and I knew Lush is available in my partner home town so between a movie and a dinner date I cheekily managed a quick little wonder in one of my favourite store. Also I do have to admit that we are going away in Devon in few weeks time and the cottage place we are renting as a huge bath so this was a second excuses of mine to get my hand on one or two bath bombs.
Its already that time of the month (although I am such not a regular...oups!) where I bundle everything that have been loving the past few weeks from beauty to books to YouTube etc. Whatever have been rocking my boat will be mentioned the below.

Today, partner, baby and I decided it was just the perfect autumnal day to go have a little wonder around Warwick which , lucky enough, was only 30 minutes  drive away from where we live.
This was our first visit in Warwick we knew barely nothing about it apart the famous Warwick castle built from 1068. We weren't planning to visit the castle but just have a nice walk around town, get a bite to eat etc. You get the idea! We are planning to see the castle, eventually, but as it is pricey (£28/per person) we though it was better for us to wait few years, when our daughter will be bigger ,so she'll also enjoy the visit right now she is only 9 months old. 

Here we are again, a brand new Beauty Haul its been a little while. You know you love them and well I love them too. I noticed a theme on this month Beauty Haul, its rather rose Gold, black etc. very Autumnal I must say and I am loving it! Autumn being my ultimate favourite season I could only love the theme which was not planned by the way. So what's new? 5 things all already tried and all already loved. I have to say it is not always the case, when I purchased new makeup, very often about a third will be a disappointment so for me enjoying my 5 new purchase its diffenately two thumbs up. 
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