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Do you have what it take to embrace a journey into a magical world? Then do not go any further as I have the right magical experience for you. The Blenheim Palace created this year the most beautiful experience I ever had the chance to be invited to see first before the official launch.
This magical adventure is The Cinderella Fairy Tale Experience one of the most beloved magical adventure of all time. For its special festive edition the beautiful and already full of history Blenheim palace will take you on a journey into Cinderella magical adventure. As you walk along the historical corridor, already beautifully decorate for Christmas, you 'll come across rooms that illustrate each chapter of Cinderella story. 
The first room already give you the wow factor for things to come. As you entered the palace into the grand haul you are welcome by an exquisite decorated table that illustrate the adventure of Cinderella with intricate details, from Cinderella's little mouse friends, beautiful book artistically prepared to represent Cinderella each chapters.
Then follow the patch to more adventure to come as you enter the room of the evil wicked mother and her naughty fluffy companion; Lucifer, follow by the twisted twin step sisters room in a shamble of fabric and general disorder. Then you enter Cinderella simpler maid room where she's making her own dress out of old fabrics and rubban with of course the help of her little winged and 4 legged friends. Then you enter the more formal but elegant prince room also getting ready for the ball of the year not knowing he's about to meet the love of his life. And of course you get to meet the Fairy godmother which transform Cinderella's simple dress into the mot beautiful dress of them all with of course the famous glass slipper. You finish your adventure in the ball room elegantly decorated from the clock ticking the minutes passing until ring midnight to the lost of Cinderella's glass slipper.
I was truly impress with the large amount of detail and work put into each room. You could literally spend hours looking at everything and come back the next day to find things that you missed to see the day before. It s truly magical and a unique experience that  invited old and young to see.   




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Then if you already have not seen enough beautiful things with the Cinderella Experience the Blenheim Palace once again this year set up a light show trail all around their exquisite park lake along with a Christmas market which all the details and more pictures will be in my next post so stay tune.

Have you visited Blenheim Palace before? Tell me all by commenting below. 

This is the #1 post of my new series on my blog which I will simply called: 5 things.
5 tings that I simply love at the moment from beauty, to food, art, fashion, photography, place etc. anything really that I just simply enjoyed at a moment in time in my life. Its a bit like a monthly favourite without being every month. I always enjoy that similar type of post from other like minded bloggers. Reading where they lately had a fabulous food experience, or enjoy a theatre play, movie etc. whatever it is I always love seeing a snippet of people life and I always love the photography that goes with it too. So after thinking about it I decided to incorporate this series into my blog. If I enjoy reading others I would absolutely love creating my own. 

Crystal & Gemstones | I love them, I used to absolutely love them when I was much younger and then adult life took over and I forgot about them until recently I had the urge to get my hand on few and start my little collection all over again. So far I only have a small amount but let be assure my collection will grow. I like their shape, colours, their healing power, their tactility ...everything. Also they are great photography props which is such an extra bonus for me too!

Primark bag | I have to admit I don't usually buy Primark bags, as I much prefer spending more money on a bag that would last me longer, but having say that when I saw this bag I just had to have it.I am loving the quilted style, the shape, the chain, the size and the light grey colours. Basically it is my proud baby that I take it  out everywhere with me and at £12 I could not get it wrong! By the way it also come in black.

Styling & Home Design Magazines | I love home decor and design and lately have been reading Your Home and Style At Home on a monthly basis. Those 2 magazines give you tons of affordable ideas and my favourite part are all those sneak peak of people home and their amazing unique decor. You would always find something that is at your taste as all is cover from stylish, retro, boho, vintage etc. if just like me you are a home design enthusiast and you wan to read affordable magazine for home decor on a budget then you now know what to read.

Autumn |  is by far my favourite season along with Winter. Every year I wait for the start of Autumn like an impatient child in a sweet shop. And what come along with Autumn its of course the golden hours, crisp air, the nature change of colours, wearing my mustardy jumper and of course pumpkins. I absolutely love pumpkin. They bring me joy every time I look at them from their colours their wobbly bits, their funny shapes etc. everything about them make me smile ( and lets not mention the are so delicious in stews, soup, pie or roasted) . And if you follow me on my Instagram you should have seen already a lot of pumpkin stories  related or pumpkin pictures on my grid. So they rightly deserve to be in my 5 things

Instagram | No unfortunately I haven't find a way to fight the algorithm but lately I really enjoyed more using Instagram and uploading better pictures. I noticed by doing so I got more likes and engagements so I may just carry on doing so. But really its not the extra few likes I enjoyed really its the content creating that really inspire me to do better on my Instagram and for this reason I want to give some love to my Instagram account

 instagram Maries Connections

What about you ? Any favourites you would like to mention on below? Tell me all!! 

Something that my partner and my Daughter absolutely love its banana bread. My daughter of 19 months old love so much banana that this was one of the first word she learn to tell. That saying it all. Often I am left with 1 or 2 bananas that seen better days and a banana bread is a quick and easy dessert that do not take longer than 20 minutes (but do inc. 30-45 minutes to bake) to make and it is absolutely tasty with a nice cup of tea or even with some butter and jam (try it!).

There is nothing more magical to randomly discover, few miles away from your home, a little piece of heaven. A bit out of the  blues we decided on a cold morning to take the car, go to the nearest village and have a little walk. We came across a little lake. A little lake in the middle of a path . A little brown bear feeding the fishes. That same little bear climbing rocks along the path.A little lake wearing the colour of Autumn.  A little lake gently rocking the ducks. A little lake engulfing Autumn leaves. It was perfect, the air was crisp, children were playing. And just like this you feel alive and take in the energy that surrounds you. This was the 3rd of November 2018. It was magical.

First of all , I know it sounds very cliché to say this but, how the hell are we already in November? What happened? Did we all just wake up from a deep sleep coma? Did we went through a time travel machine? Honestly this year went so fast its unreal. Although I am not complaining as this is my favourite time of the year (Autumn & winter) so I am enjoyed it every minute of it.
How was your Halloween? This morning I removed all the Halloween decoration after a very successful 'Trick or Treat' night. I mean it was so popular this year, that I ran out of sweet one hour after my 1st knock (and yes! Then I turned off all the Halloween lights pretending no one was in).
I just have to make sure I get even more sweet next year. And now that Halloween is gone all I can see in shop windows its Christmas which, to be honest, is only around the corner. But lets talk about Christmas some other times.

I decided to do some kind of experiment and start a monthly series mostly because I only fairly recently find my blogging Mojo back (see my sudden burst of posts in the whole October) and to keep me motivated why not do a 'monthly to do list' to remind me all the good stuff that is happening each month (some month more than others) and making me more excited to blog about it? Lets try this and see how it goes!? I am not sure if doing a 'monthly to do list' will help me more but it certainly won't harm me. So here we go... my 5 main plan this month.

Bonfire Night | It is a tradition to have our bonfire night at my fiance's family orchard every year. It is also the tradition to eat baked potatoes and home made soup around the bonfire and this year it is no exception. I cannot wait to put on my thickest jumper, wellies and let the warmth of the fire roasting my cheeks around all the people I care.

Banbury Museum Redevelopment Press Event | My favourite local museum is having a refurbishment and the launch of a new art gallery. I've been invited to the 'behind the scene' event next week and a Q&A with the director. Also have been invited to the launch press event in few weeks time which I cannot wait to discover. I 'll report all back to you.

Blenheim Palace Christmas Light Press Event | I cannot describe how excited I am to see the preview of the Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights. When the invitation landed in my inbox I couldn't believe it and I must have done a little scream that may have sound like this : Heeeee ...!!! This is an upcoming post that I cannot wait to share with you all so keep your eyes open. And I might even do a little YouTube video about it (my first ever) so even more exciting!

Christmas | I know what you are thinking! How the heck I am already thinking of Christmas when it only just November? Well, the truth its that this year Christmas is extra special for me as it will be our first Christmas in our own new house. After many many years renting small accommodations in London, I cannot describe how excited we are to be able to decorate our own house without having to struggle to find a room for a small tree and procrastinating at the the landlord on not being aloud to put any decoration or else on walls! Very early this year we bought, on sale, the biggest and most realistic fake tree and I cannot wait to take it out the loft and have this bad boy decorate. This is my first ever big tree in my first ever own house so its  the double excitement! I already been buying new tree decorations through out the year ( mostly during Christmas sale) and I cannot wait to show you my Christmas tree theme this year. A hint :Think Woodland. I will most likely blog about it.

Wedding Invitation Card | If you are a reader of my blog you are probably sick and tired to read about my upcoming wedding which is due Summer 2019. My partner and I decided to make our own Wedding Invitation Card mainly because we have a budget to keep and as I am not bad at crafting ( thanks god for Pinterest too!!). I feel very confident on being able to make my own wedding card at a fraction of a price. Lets say that we rather spend the money on the wedding foods and drinks and our 2020 honeymoon. I 'll probably blog about it so watch this space foxies !

What about you? What is on your November to do list?

I do love my jewellery. Ever since the day I had regular pocket money and I would go to the equivalent of Claire's in my home town in France.
15 or so years later this hasn't changed a bit. When I was again contacted by Happiness Boutique  (see my previous post with Happiness Boutique here) I certainly could not refuse their offer of free jewellery. When it comes to trends, at an affordable place they know what they are doing.

I was kindly invited to choose two pieces and I have to admit this was a hard decision because Happiness Boutique have something for everybody's taste from: Glamour, sophisticated, hobo chic, timeless, to classic. So whatever you fancy I am sure something, or shall I say many things, will catch your eye. As for me well ...I do like my hobo chic / sophisticated jewellery so I lay my eyes on many pieces but I chose the below two: 

Marble pendant.
I love marble and I am are not going to lie that when I saw this beautiful marble necklace appear on my screen it definitely had to be part of the two pieces I would to choose.  
What I really love about this necklace is obviously the semi precious stone which to my delight turned out to be real. I was kind of expecting a fake manufactured stone. But it wasn't, it was an actual marble piece so it offers unique vein marking. The pendant itself is heavy, as expected, and for that reason it sits well on your chest area. It will look lovely with a semi sexy open shirt for that minimalist look or just a vintage classic t-shirt if you want to be a little more rock chic. It's a must have in your collection.

Half Moon earrings.
These earrings were love at first sight. I am so into moon shape jewellery at the moment that I could not do without these. I absolutely love the copper like colour and the details all around the moon shape and the delicate flower like motif in the middle. I feel these earrings would work very well with your hair up in a bun or in a pony tail for a sophisticated look. They are quite large (3.5cm) so probably will work better as a statement piece rather than being lost with many other pieces but that's just my opinion. I have especially been wearing them on evenings out with family and friends with of course my signature red lips (Ruby Woo if you ask me). The only down side is that I can't wear them as often as i'd like because my 19 month old toddler just wants me to remove them so she can play with. That's saying it all if it also pleases a toddlers eyes.
My second experience with Happiness Boutique has been, once again, excellent. Excellent delivery services and product quality. Your order will come well protected in an individual and cute box and will be delivered very fast. Also I would like to mention that actually my order got lost, but I got it replaced and received a replacement (free of charge) in no time after communicating with their excellent customer service about the situation which was not in any way their fault. 
I hope I'll get to work with Happiness Boutique in the future again as I only get pleasure from this brand.
And they are so cool that they gave me a discount code that you can use on your first order which is : mariesconnections . By inserting this code at the checkout, you will get 10% discount for orders over 19 euros and it is valid until December 1st.

If you do place an order please do tell me what you got or just tell me what you think of my two jewellery pieces by commenting below. 
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