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I absolutely love my wedding dress that I could not not talk about it in my little blog of mine. My wedding was just over a week ago, and even so I have now come back form my little wedding cloud, my wedding is still in my mind. In all honestly this is not a surprise when organising & preparing my wedding have been in my head for the past 8 months or so.

Before talking or shall I say writing any further , lets recap what my wedding theme was to understand my dress choice.
I actually did a post about my wedding decor inspiration which you can find here but to recap all, we wanted a bohemian style wedding. I love bohemian style vibe (do check my house style instagram for you to understand my style) to understand that its something close to my heart. 
Husband and I are very lucky as his mother own a very large orchard which clearly was the perfect setting for our bohemian vibe. so think, white marque, gold chandeliers, hay bales, fire pit, white buntings, Macramé, Moroccan rugs, lace, lantern, candles etc and you got it. 

My Dress idea
So of course I wanted a dress that reflect all this. I wanted a floaty dress where I did not feel compress at my chest or hips area. A dress that were I could move easily (and mostly dance) without suffocating.  A dress with charm, elegant and that touch the floor (literally speaking). I was not too bother about the colour white, ivory, soft pastel colours...I was open to all ideas.

My Budget
My husband and I refused to spent a mortgage on our wedding and refused even more to spend thousand of pound on a dress and a suit. 
We decided to keep that money for our honeymoon and the renovation of our house which is much more important for us . But we are not judging anyone that want to spend money on their wedding. Your money your choice!
So my budget was between £100-150.
I refuse to spend more than that! In all fairness it was not difficult to keep in that budget. Well...if just like me you don't mind ordering your wedding dress online.
I do understand & respect that many women, which to make their pre-wedding more magical and with that prefer going to a wedding store where they get to be pampered while trying to find their wedding dream dress, but for me my priority was elsewhere. Honestly I never ever dream of a princess wedding dress or being awkwardly pampered in a shop. It is just not me. But of course I still wanted to look pretty don't take me wrong.

Looking for the dress
To be fair this is going to be a short one because the only web site that seems to offer all kind of wedding dresses by the hundred for all theme with a large choice for large girl for me was ASOS. Not a brainier. All other web sites for big girls such as Simple Be, Debenhams etc. had limited options and also more traditional gowns which was not what I was after. I wanted a bohemian inspired dress, if you recall, and ASOS provided this along with many other type of dress, from classic, edgy, girly to boho chic.
My dress of choice was the ASOS Curve Pretty Embroidered Floral and Sequin Mesh Maxi Dress in a nude colour which fit perfectly my bohemian theme. 
The Dress 
I quickly settle on the below little number. In all honestly as soon as it was 'suggested' to me I literally said : 'Wow ! that s the one'. I checked the size and was pleased their size went up to 30 ! ( i am size 20/22)  and all on stock. I ordered size 26 and 24 after checking my size with their charts. When both dresses came they were way too big. so I sent them back and ordered a size 22 that fit like a gloves. My only negative experience its ,even so I crossed check my size with ASOS size chart, both sizes dresses that was suggested to me were way too big ! My advice : Order 2 to 3 different sizes to try and of course, it goes without saying, keep the one that fit.
Also lets not mention the price. At the time this dress was at £95 (now on sold at £66.50) which was even lower than my budget which was £150. 

On the day
Wearing my ASOS dress was great .I felt absolutely beautiful in it ( and it match my decor too haha!!)  My dress was floaty , have the drama i wanted with touching the floor (I Know I am odd like this) , the soft colour, the small but exquisite hand stitch sequin and embroidery without being too much.
I wear my dress all day and night and at any point I did felt not comfortable in it. It was the opposite really.
Back 10 year ago exactly In June 2009 I travelled to Japan for a long life dream travel. Since the age of about 10 it always been my dream to visit Japan. Its something that was on my bucket and my dream came true in 2009 when my best friend Ben stayed about a year and 1/2 in Japan working as an English teacher which make my travel supper affordable. I was aloud to stay with him in his Japanese typical studio.  To remind me how cool that travel was and to share you with you my 2 weeks experiences here a photo diary of all the place I seen, visited, ate etc. Also did I mentioned that for our honeymoon husband and I are debating on going to Japan or wait few years until or 2 years toddler grow older? As spending 10 hours in a flight is not my idea of fun with a young toddler. Anyway....I hope you ll love that little Japanese memento and I might actually do a part II as I have over 2000 pictures and I am going to divide them by theme like: Food, Temples, Harajuku and so on...( although don't freak out I am not planning to show them all but only the best one!!) . Enjoy!!



SHIBUYA 109 | Tokyo

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Have you been t Japan or dream to go ? Tell me all by commenting below.
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