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Monday, 28 September 2015

Lavender & Tea Tree face lotion with AA Skincare

As you may know, I do try to use more natural, organic and paraben free products as I can. I do feel in the long term it will be more beneficial for my skin but also for the environment. Lately, AA Skincarewhich is a brand specialised in aromatherapy & natural skincare, offered me another product from their lovely collection to try and this product is their Lavender &Tea Tree moisturising face lotion (follow this link to see my previous review on the AA Skincare seaweed & aloe refreshing eye gel review) so I was rather excited to try it and report back.


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Urban Chic Statement Necklace with happiness boutique

I love big a statement necklace! Especially if they are in a silver colour, edgy and somehow a bit rock chick then I find it very hard to not like them. When Happiness Boutique contacted me few weeks ago, the obvious first thing I did was to check out their website and to my delight I pretty much love everything! So I was rather happy to review one of the products they kindly offered me! That was the easy part, the hard part was to choose a necklace! It probably took me a good hour (not kidding) deciding which one to choose because believe me or not they were all up my street from chic to more urban to very colourful etc. But I went for what I usually go for (Rock chic) and the one I chose is called: Urban Chic Statement necklace.

Happiness Boutique- Urban Chic Statement Necklace


Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Crystal Palace Market

Just over a month ago my boyfriend and I moved near Crystal Palace we didn't know that area before moving (apart Crystal Palace Park and their famous Victorian dinosaurs) so after few weeks of unpacking and mostly get our new place looking less than a camping site and more like a home we decided it was rather a time to discover our local area and by that I mean trying new cafés, markets, quirky shops ...and, of course, surrounding parks and nature. During one of these days we came across Crystal Palace Palace Market we were intrigued by this rather large shop. One part of the building is a fishmonger, then another part a butcher and the larger part is a coffee shop and restaurant area. So we decided to give it a go by having a hot drink and yummy snacks to go with which, by the way, were really yummy.
I really like the concept of mixing food market and an eating area but instead of being outdoor this market is indoor. Also I found out that most of their products sale, in both shops and served in the eating area, are mostly locally sourced something that I always strongly believe was the right things to do even if it cost a bit more.
So overall I really enjoyed spending sometimes with my boyfriend in this quirky caffé We haven't tried any other delicacy from the restaurant but we'll definitely in the coming weeks.


Friday, 18 September 2015

Scarlett bloggers festivals 2015

On Saturday, the 5th of September I went to this year Bloggers Festival in the beautiful Conrad St James Hotel. I got the invitation few months ago from ScarlettLondon.com. This pretty lady knows how to do a great Bloggers Festival just check her previous one by following this link. Getting on invitation from her was rather very exciting. It was my first blogger event and I was nervous but yet very excited attending it. I'll be honest with you I wasn't too sure what to expect but receiving Scarlett's emails every now and then few weeks before the event made me very confident that it would be rather very good.


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Essie nail polish mini haul

I know you are going to think that I live on another planet but I have actually never tried or bought Essie nail polishes before so when Boots was doing an offer on them, I just went for it by buying not 1, not 2 but 3 Essie nail polishes. The ones I chose were: Status Update, Cute as a Button & Muchi Muchi. I decided to choose colours that I always feel confident with wearing apart from one: Muchi Muchi, which is a very pale pink. Usually I don't go for pale colours because I always get disappointed with them. I have tried many other brands before and they often leave brush strokes regardless the amount of layers I put on or it just looks like I use wall paint on my nails. Yes the DIY look not recommended by Vogue magazine (last time I checked) so I usually ignore the very light shades and go for pop or darker colours. But for some reason I wanted to give Essie's lighter shade a try.
Well I tried it and already on my fist layer I realised that the effect wasn't what I usually get, it was just perfect no silly brush strokes just a light, pretty and very delicate shade. I am in love!

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