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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Love Lush

I love Lush a lot, I love everything that they stand for and also their products are amazing! they smell divine, they work and they do good for the planet so what is not to like about them? 
Lately my boyfriend and I have been more and more thinking about getting everyday products such as; beauty products and cleaning products that do not harm in any way the environment. It is not an easy task but we are strongly thinking to no longer buy any bathroom products that contains paraffin, or any other derivative of petrol, plastic beads or harmful chemicals, and only start using biodegradable products. So obviously Lush is right now replacing, slowly but surely, all our bathroom products from shower gel, to shampoo to soap etc.


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Pork Belly blogger challenge

Once again I teamed up with ASDA to create and share a delicious recipe! The challenge was simple all I had to do it to use ASDA sweet BBQ Crispy Pork Belly and with it create a yummy combo of whatever I fancied.  So it took me a while to decide on what to do because this is challenge and when there is a challenge there is a winner. If I win this blogger challenge I’ll get to receive a yummy hamper from ASDA for the upcoming bank holiday so you know me, if there is foods to win I’ll do everything to win it!!


Friday, 14 August 2015

Blackberry foraging in London

It's strange to think that you can actually go foraging for wild foods in London but you'll be amazed that it is something totally possible as long as you know where to go. My boyfriend and I are very lucky as about 10 minutes walk away from our apartment there is a large, empty field where blackberries grow wild. Every year around August-September we know that we'll spend time foraging that field for succulent berries. Foraging is amazing and the idea of having free berries sounds great but I think it is important to always remember to take only what you need and leave enough for other people and most importantly for the nature itself such as insects, birds etc. In our mind we only wanted to get enough to make an apple and blackberry crumble and maybe have a little left over for a yummy breakfast. We stick to our plan without being greedy.


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Beauty haul

You probably know how it is, you get to pay day and all you think about is getting your hands on all new beauty items. Well this is pretty much what I did! I wont lie I didn't really need new make up but being a beauty blogger and having a love affair with cosmetics it doesn't matter if I am buying another red lipstick, or another blush to add to my collection. 
So here I am going to one of my favourite beauty stores few days ago with the bank card ready in one hand and my basket in the other hand. Here are my new shiny purchases that I still haven't had the courage to use because I don't want to ruin them (I know I am sad).


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Zeen face and body oil review

I am a very lucky girl lately has I had the great opportunity to be sent and try a very special organic product, the Zeen Face and Body Oil. And to add to the fantastic opportunity this product won the 2014 Beauty Award so I couldn't ask for more!
I'll be honest with you, apart from occasionally using oil for my hair I have never taken the next step and bought an oil specially formulated for your face and Body. But this Zeen product intrigued me a lot and I was very excited to try it and report back to you all.
To start with lets talk about this products constitution and its going to be rather a short one because there is only one single ingredient, and this ingredient is organic Argan. Told you it would be short ! :)
Yes one single ingredient and nothing else I mean who can say that any of their face or body products are constituted of one ingredient? Anyone...? Personally I cant think of any, it's the only one that I have and it is a rather special one.

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