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Sunday 23 November 2014 London, UK

Hi Dolls!!

I wasn't planning to do a post today but as the weather is dreadful I decided that it would be a perfect pampering, chilling, type of day and I'll share it with you .

Lately I discovered, a bit randomly, Spice Buttercream candle from Illume , and I love the scent so much that I am looking forward to try another one of their candles.
I am planning to do my nails with either a poppy colour or grey ...humm...decisions, decisions...
And hydrating my skin and lips while listening to Lana Del Ray's last album and reading Oversight by Charlie Fletcher.
What about you? What is your Sunday consisting of?

- ILLUME candle

-BARRY M  (silk collection col: poppy 434 and also Gekky colllection col: chai 43)

-White Musk Eau de toilette from BODY SHOP 

-YVES ST LAURENT lipstick pure shine shade: 1 

- NUXE Masque creme Fraiche de Beauté , I got this masque on in last month Glossybox and this product smells divine and leaves a sensation of freshness on your skin, I mainly of use it at the moment as a night cream.

Also I have been using a lip peel from ETRE BELLE  as my lips get really dry and damaged during winter and this little product seems to help.

I am also reading a book called Oversight by Charlie fletcher , so far so good !!


Marie xxx

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