Sunday 18 October 2015 Salcombe, Devon, UK

Over the past few years, the annual trip to Salcombe during October, has become an exciting time for me and my boyfriend. Going away from crazy busy London to a quiet and pretty town for few days by the seaside can only be a very welcome break. Salcombe is a seaside town in the South Hams district of Devon, South West England just in case you wondered. 

We stayed only 4 days, in a little self catered house 1 minute walk from the bay. The first 3 days were very overcast, as you can see on all the above pictures, having said that, I didn't really mind as somehow overcast weather, by the sea side, is something rather dramatic that I really love to see, to experience and mostly to photograph.  During those four days we mostly walked along the few beaches in Salcombe and also at Hope Cove (which is another pretty seaside village a few miles away from Salcombe) but also very much enjoyed local foods (best fish and chips I ever had press here), hot chocolate, pub beers & grubs and cosy DVD nights in the most comfy sofa ever with the addition of a warm blanket. The highlight of our stay was to see a seal. Yes a seal !! This cheeky one was wondering in Salcombe bay! Unfortunately this cute little rascal was so curious and agitated that photographing him from many yards away was impossible, and all my pictures taken of him are blurry, but never mind this fantastic encounter will stay forever in my mind and this is way more important to me. As you probably guess I am a big lover of the animal kingdom and I have a very long list of animals I dream to see in their natural habitat especially sea mammals ! well lets say that I ticked from my list the Seal box. Also I discovered earlier this week that seals in Salcombe and Hope Cove, along with other wildlife, are not actually rare to see and I found this very interesting fact from this site and also from this one.
As mentioned above we had one day which was a chilly but beautiful sunny day and was the day of our departure (typical!!) so here is some photography of Salcombe in the sun:

Have you visited Salcombe & Hope Cove or wish to? Tell me all by commenting below :)

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