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Wednesday 18 January 2017 London, UK

I discovered Bee Good Cream Cleanser about a year ago at a Bloggers event where I was kindly gifted few mini samples, enough to keep me going for few months. I am not going to lie but it was love at first sight or shall I say love at first try. Recently I finished a couple of my cream cleansers including all my mini Cream Cleanser ones by Bee Good and all I've been thinking is to get the large Cream Cleaner version Honey & Propolis by... you guessed it : Bee Good.

before I talk further about this Cream Cleanser I feel like I shall introduce the brand. Bee Good is a UK brand that has been created originally by a couple who are expert beekeepers then with left over beeswax and honey they harvested they decided to create skincare by starting with a lip balm and a hand cream both created using traditional recipes in their kitchen and then little by little the company grew interest and followers along with a wider range of products. What I love about this brand is that not only have they used natural goodness they also actively support British bees, not just through charity donations, but by a program supporting the education of young beekeepers and the planting of wildflowers meadows across the UK.
Here's the little introduction.

Where shall I start?
1st of all I would like to mention the scent because if you love the scent as much as the product itself then you are in for a treat. This cleanser is a mix of Propolis which is a sap collected by honeybees from tree buds which they then use to mainly fix & varnishes honeycombs and wildflower honey that I don't need to introduce anymore. Just with those two main ingredients your sense of smells should be awake nfrom the sweet wildflower honey to the more woody smell of the Propolis. The duo is divine I often find myself opening the bottle just for the pleasure to smell it.

Then comes the cream cleanser itself which surprisingly is identical in term of consistency as the Liz Earle Cream Cleanser known and loved by all of us. A rich and creamy cleanser that in a matter of a few swipes removes all impurity from your skin from London pollution to makeup. I mainly use the Honey & Propolis Cream Cleanser in the evening to remove mainly foundation, press powder, blush, lipstick you name it . Only leaving my mascara for the miscellar water job.

You do not need a lot, a walnut amount is enough to do the job for your face & neck and will leave you with a clean and moisturised sensation. Your skin feels as soft a baby's bottom and if you find yourself just touching your face because it is that soft then we are on the same team. 
Overall this is probably my favourite 2016 skincare discovery. I love the all natural concept of this product, the team behind it that came out with a cleanser that won't harm the planet, help our British bees and most of all is kind for you. Also shall I just mention how pretty the design of this product is! A perfect addition for any bathroom cupboard beauty junkie like us in my opinion. 


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