Star Wars Identities at the O2 London | Exhibition

Saturday 29 April 2017 London, UK

In a galaxy far far away....
I am a... what people seems to call us these days... 'a geek'. I am proud to embrace it and I certainty have no shame about it. Star Wars is for me the ultimate space opera adventure and the love I have for these movies and all the characters is immense. Since I was no bigger than 3 apples this space adventure always filled my dreams.
When Star Wars Identities arrived at the O2 in London I just knew I had to go. So what is the exhibition about? A rather hard one to explain, yes the exhibition is full of beautiful & exciting rooms showing artefacts mainly from Episodes I to VI (for the novice they are the 6 first movies from back in the 70's, 80's & 00's) but this exhibition came also with a twist! So what was it? As you entered the exhibition you are fitted with an interactive bracelet and from that point on you have to take a series of decisions to create your own character. firstly we had to choose a race for our character from Human to Ewok, Chagrian, Gungan, Nautolan, Wookie etc. Once you have chosen your character on the interactive panel, it is directly recorded into your personal bracelet, you cannot change it and throughout the whole exhibition you make many decisions about you character's life & psychological profile. For examples: Where were you born? On an arid planet such as Tatooine or maybe on the lavish and green Takodana. Who was your family? Slaves or perhaps part of the Rebel Alliance, or maybe a farmer in the far depths of space. All your answers are recorded and slowly your decisions & psychology profile is being built. These interactive panels are also filled with illustrative scenes from the first 6 movies to make you understand that each decision will have at some point in your adventure consequences. I chose a human character. To know what become of my character and what life decisions I made for her then keep reading until the end!

What about the exhibition itself? A dream come true!! Each room was filled with the most exciting props that any hardcore fan just like me dreams of. Everything was there, from the Yoga puppet, to the Light Sabres, models of the imperial ships along with the rebellion X-wing props used during filming! Not to mention, robots from C3PO and R2D2 to BB8. There are costumes including the ever famous bikini that Carrie Fisher wore, Darh Vader's costume and the X-wing flight suits. Anything you wanted to see was there. Beautifully presented to you. Each room was an open gift.
My favourite? A hard one I have to admit but perhaps seeing some of the Jedi costumes, the Yoda puppet and the spaceship model was rather awesome! But honestly everything was a delight.
At the end of my visit I finally had to make the final decisions for my human character. Probably the hardest one actually for some of us. Did I wanted to join the dark side or the rebellion? I obviously choose the rebellion force, fighting against evil if what we shall all aim for. Also I had to choose my character's 'job' did I want to be a Jedi, an x-wing fighter, a farmer, a musician etc? I choose to be an X-wing pilot!
I was now able to discover the physical and psychological profile of my character. I entered my bracelet into the final panel and within seconds here she was on a big screen for the world to see; Marie my female  X-wing fighter:
If you are a Star Wars fan and you have not yet see this exhibition then do not hesitate to go. The Star Wars Identities exhibition at the London O2 is running until the 3rd of September 2017.
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'be the force with you'

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