Wales | A Romantic Picture Tale

Thursday 25 May 2017 Saundersfoot, UK

Wales...One of my favourite locations for a romantic get away. For the beaches, the colours, the nature, the wildlife and their people...
At the back end of last year my fiancĂ©e decided to take his pregnant lady as in : ME! To a week away far from London, work stress & city noises for a well deserve rest for the mind & body and what better place than the very lavish and green Wales. We stayed at Saundersfoot a pretty little sea side town with it's harbour on the South East Coast, it's long sandy beach, picturesque pubs & local delicateness. 

During our stay we also visited Carew castle, built in the 13th century. We were rather lucky that day as we had the whole castle to ourselves but perhaps that was not necessarily a good idea after I found out that this castle is apparently haunted by several ghosts: A Celtic warrior that haunts the battlement, a kitchen boy that might be responsible for the clanking sounds of pots and pans heard in the kitchen and also a white lady that has been seen drifting from room to room. I can reassure you that me and my partner during our 2 hour visit saw nothing but some rooms had a very cold and ghostly atmosphere. Despite all the ghost stories this castle had a romantic feel. I highly recommend it also for lovers of castles and landscape photography.

Another place we went to visit was St David's Cathedral and the Bishop's Palace which is a well looked after ruin opposite the Cathedral.
Once again if you are a lover of photography and monuments then you'll would love the medieval feel of Bishop's Palace with is beautiful window frames, carved stones and all the history and legend that comes with it.


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