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Friday 20 April 2018 Banbury, UK

Lately have been re-loving facial toner. I can no longer finish, especially with my night time skincare routine, without a toner. Its now there to stay for a very long time.
One that have been the highlight of my routine is the Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner. A long name but this bottle is full of kindness and surprise. When Klairs contacted me to try one of their best selling little number I, in all honestly, could not refuse. Skincare is one of the love  (along with lipsticks but that's another story!) of my life so of course I embark on the trial journey!

Who is Klairs? 
Klairs, if you do not know by now, is a well know Korean brand know for their beautiful elegant packaging. They strongly believe that their skincare should be simple on using a minimal number of products catered to help all kind of skin. So here for the little introduction and if you would like to know more I strongly recommend you check their website here.

I always mentioned this but I do love a nice packaging. It is almost as important as the product inside. Yeah I said it. Hello packaging fanatic me! I just can't help it!
This toner certainly deliver on the nice luxurious bottle and do look very pretty in my bathroom cabinet. Two thumbs up for me already!

What is the Supple Preparation Facial Toner about?
This daily cleanser is formulated with a base of various botanicals extracts to balance the skin's pH level & provide full nourishment to the skin. Basically in few words it Provides: Deep Moisturising. Balance pH Level. Cleanse & Soothes. What more to love?
What are my though on the Supple Preparation Facial Toner?
First of all. I love skincare with a luxurious scent & this product just offers this. Thanks to the lavender , Eucalytus & orange oils. It has this refreshing yet very luxurious scent that I am totally loving right now.
I have to admit that I never came across of a toner like this! 
Let me explain:
On my first impression I realised this toner had a slight oily feeling on the skin / touch which at first made me a bit worried thinking it would leave a oily residue (which I dislike especially if I use it in the morning) but I am delighted to say that the oily effect vanish within minutes after application and you are left with an almost velvety smooth skin.
The toner get absorb very quickly by my skin and you do not need a shed lots, only few drops in the palm of your hand then pat all over your face and voila! I also sometimes used it on a cotton pad if I am feeling really fancy and have more time to do my skincare routine. 

What are the active ingredients?
If you are a beauty geek I suggest you check this amazing link which take you on a tour of each ingredients benefit. A very interesting read. But here few of my favourite ingredients that I really like the sound:
Lavender for the soothing effect. 
Eucalyptus for the obvious antiseptic , scar healing and mostly freshness scent.
Pelargonium Graveolene flower oil for the antioxidant benefit 
Betaine for the moisturization properties.
I could not find any 'bad ingredients' such as alcohol which, as you all know, have the property of irritating and making your skin dry (which still can be found in 
many skincare products) but in general it seems that each 20+ ingredients have been carefully selected for their different benefit, some are only there for the scent or freshness, some others for the feel on the skin but mostly all the others for their positive moisturising , antioxidant etc. properties.

Does it deliver?
Yes, on that note I shall really leave it there but no I still want to convince you that this product is one of the best toner I have ever used . Not only it made my skin smooth it has been kind to me. I sometimes feel toner leave a dryness on your skin and I never really know if I am using the wrong toner for my type of skin or if its just my skin being extra dry?  But one thing for sure this toner did not give me any break out which was even more a release considering its a more oily/velvety toner than any other toner I used before. 
I deeply enjoy using this toner, so much that it is now part of not only my morning routine but my evening one too. Sometimes (being a busy mum) I get distracted by my child and forget to move on to my second product after I applied my toner (usually a serum and then follow by a moisturiser) that I just carry on with my morning then realising like one hour later that I miss my other skincare routine but my skin already feel so moisturise that I could just not bother with my other steps. It is as good!

What skin type it would suit?
I strongly believe that actually this toner would be suitable for any type of skin from oily to dry to combination. I have a combination skin and as mentioned above it was kind to me. 

Would I recommend it ?
Hell yes ! If you would like to know more about Klairs Supple Preparation Toner please follow that link
Have you tried Klairs before? Tell me all by commenting below.
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