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Wednesday 18 July 2018 Padstow, UK

Car full up to the ceiling, road snack at the ready, comfy outfit on, kitty at the pet carer...that mean one thing! The Thornton family is off for a week break. This summer month, out of the blues, we decided to go back to East Cornwall, a place we visited last year, with at the time, our 3 months old baby. Now 16 months she is a running toddler that is full of life and get excited by everything and anything. So what better time to go visit Cornwall and their beautiful long sandy beaches to let our daughter run free in the sea breeze. 

Padstaw was our first visit. This port has everything to charm anyone from all the independent bakeries, clothes and souvenir shops, to one of the best Fish & Chips ever eaten , to Rick Stein's famous Café and sea food restaurant, which I highly recommend to stop by for a bite to eat and of course the port itself with those large traditional fishing boats to the leisure one all park at the front of the port and slightly dancing on the slow sea water pace. We were very lucky to have the weather on our side during our trip to Cornwall so Padstow on a sunny day is even more attractive of course.
My recommendation for a perfect Padstaw adventure are: Get to the port at early possible in the morning when most tourist just waking up in their hotel rooms (as it will get very busy around lunch time). Sat by the port with a latte and a croissant and enjoy the seagull flights, the in and out of boats from the port and mostly get the sea air in your lungs and enjoy the peaceful sea view. Then go for a little shopping and make sure to stop at Rick Stein's Cafe highly recommended by Marco Polo Guides for a bite to eat in a cosy atmosphere and with the loveliest bunch of staff ever. My personnal recommendation is the fish curry! A delight! or if you feel something quicker and simpler then stop at the Chip Ahoy for the classic fish and chips right by the port, this is a made to order so you'll have to wait a bit but it is delicious so worth the wait ...then leave the port behind you but don't forget to grab a Cornish pastry at the Chough Bakery, which is the best in town, for that mid afternoon hunger and walk to Padstow beach that is a little walk away to end your afternoon.

On other highlight of Cornwall are not just all those cute port tuck away but also long sandy beaches. One of my favourite has to be Polzeith
Polzeith is a small village sea front that offer just the basic, few take away places, ice cream shops or if you would like to rent surf board and everything that goes with it but mostly the charm of Polzeith is that large beach with a beautiful view to the sea. Also in the middle of the beach run a non sea water stream coming from above the land that finish in the sea that also offer the perfect play area and very safe for toddler and kids to play (adult supervision still require). My daughter had a blast there. 

As I mentioned above Cornwall offers cute port to visit so here an other one that we also get to visit for an afternoon was Port Issac. This small fishing and charming port regurlarly features as a backdrop for films and televisions series. It is smaller than Padstow but offer incredible views especially if you walk up on either side of the port that offer you a view of the whole village behind you and an impressive sea view at the front. The port has very cute little shops and the streets are very narrow. Highly recommend to go to the Slipway Cafe which for the little story, date from 1527 has been a smugglers hideaway and a ship chandlery now it is a charming hotel, cafe & restaurant. This café is on the main street so we sat outside with direct view to the harbor literally few meters away. We ordered a little afternoon tea with large scones (freshly made in house). And sorry but I am cream first and jam after which is the right way of course :) 

If the weather turn a bit grey and you have kids to entertain and you are nature lover then I srongly recommend the Eden Project on the West side of Cornwall you need the whole day to visit this gigantic complex.  
This extraordinary ambitions project is to recreated the world's climatic zones underneath huge domes that look, from the outide, of giants terraforma exploration based in space.  Underneath this 'space ship' or 'terraforma from Mars', you'll find a tropical biome and a Mediterranean biome. Both domes are surrounded by an amazing 3.9 acres garden which will open all your senses from vision, touch, smell, and even taste. A Cornwall Human scale jewel. Strongly recommended. It got a gold star from Marco Polo Guides too so don't miss out on the opportunity.


Here my highlight of Cornwall. I hope you enjoyed reading it. (Also I am French, but live in UK, so sorry for my terrible English grammar)

Have you visited Cornwall before? Tell me all by commenting below. 


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