Haverst Festival at Canon Ashby National Trust

Sunday 30 September 2018 Canons Ashby, Daventry NN11 3SD, UK

We are very lucky to own a family National Trust membership so pretty much whenever we can we are always off on an adventure to visit our local National Trust places or during any holidays around Britain.
Today our choice was Canon Ashby 25 minutes drive away from Banbury in Oxfordshire. Actually it was our second visits and it is one of our favourite local National Trust so far. We went there just under a month ago and back then we were told about the Harvest Festival which was happening on the weekend of 29-30th of September.  I mean who would miss an Harvest Festival, right? So without hesitation we got the picnic ready,  woolly jumper and off we went on the Harvest Festival weekend at Canon Ashby. 

For the quick little introduction Canon Ashby is a house of over 400 years of history
including his absolutely stunning English and cottage like gardens, its orchard, its vegetable and fruits garden, its bee hives and their massif field were roam freely cows, sheep and chicken. This beautiful estate offer everything for a family day out from history, harvest trail, wood cabin and natural play area for kids, farm animals, an absolutely beautiful cafe with its adorable coffee garden were you can enjoy an afternoon tea and a shop to find all your favourites from honey, chocolate, biscuits, plants grow on the estate, local artist product such as potteries etc.

At our arrival we were welcome by the prettiest most Instagramable little market ever with few stalls of food producers, apple cider making stall etc. Straight away we had to try the apple juice fresh from the press, all the kids around absolutely love it. Then I could not stop taking pictures of a traditional and stunning gypsy caravan. 
Soon after we decided to do a tour of the English garden and the Cottage garden but our 19 months daughter just wanted to see the many sheep in the field near by which is also part of Canon Ashby estate.

Then lunch was calling and due to the many picnic areas we had not a problem to find a place to sit and put our fit up. After munching on home made sandwich then we visited the house which was beautifully decorated with autumnal colours, think : pumpkin coming in all the colours and matching plants. Also something that I would like to mention, especially if you have young kids, but the Vistorian nursery in the house have many Victorian type of toys which kids could play with freely. This was such a plus as it is true that visiting an ancient house it is not always easy with a toddler but not at Canon Ashby.

After the visit we went to enjoy the Morris dancers which were performing in the front garden were all the stalls were, the sun was shining, the air was smelling of apples, it was warm and the whole dancing was amusing and delightful and enjoyed by kids and adult too. Honestly this was the plus that made that day even more beautiful. After a quick visit to the coffee shop for a cake and a tea and also a visit to the vegetable and fruits gardens we decided it was time to go home.

Honesty if you get the chance to visit Oxfordshire or just live around I strongly recommend you stop at Canon Ashby. You wont regret also they always things happening throughout every months so check this link for more detail.

Have you been to Canon Ashby or any other National Trust ? Tell me all by commenting below. 

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