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Wednesday 18 September 2019 Banbury, UK

Autumn. It's the season I am the more excited about. I wait Autumn, each year, with lots of anticipation. You get it Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I am never sad to say goodbye to Summer in fact its probably the opposite I am glad to say goodbye to Summer which, if you know me, is one of my least favourite season, lets say I don't do so well in the Summer heat. Autumn mean for me; crisp air, beautiful evening light, stunning autumnal colours, jumper, hot drink and cosy evenings. Also since I left London, just over 2 years ago and moved to the Cotswold, I appreciate even more this season. Being in the countryside, Autumn take an other dimension.
I feel this is the time of the year where the nature really shine with its beauty.  I am surrounded by the countryside and just for that I will never move back to London.

Mood board is a very fun way to embrace Autumn even more and get very inspired. Also mood board used to be one of my favourite things to do when I used to work in the Fashion industry not so long ago or as a fashion student. It was the time where you could really get inspired and create something amazing. So Of course you will find big chunky cardigan, hot drink, autumnal theme and everything else in between on my Autumnal mood board. What is your Autumn must do / have?


Belgium and France are on the menu. A trip to Bruges following by Lille in France. I am French and I am very excited to go to my birth land as last time was 2 years ago! Way too long if I am honest. Those two cities are not know by me so I am looking forward to discover them and report back here accordingly. I am also so excited to see Bruges in all its beauty. I seen too many blog posts about this city that just look absolutely stunning.

Driving and by that I meant taking driving lessons through out the whole Autumn and Winter if necessary even so I do have my driving lesson. Wait....what ? Yes I actually do have my driving lesson which I got 20 years ago, then I moved to London few weeks later where I never drive. I need lessons to learn all the basic again. I know it is slightly embarrassing!

As per usual you will find me most weekends going for long countryside walks or visiting beautiful villages in the Cotswold with toddler and husband. I am looking forward to bring my camera with me and embrace the Autumnal colours. So you could say photography is also back on the menu after a quiet Summer.

Lately my blog got a little revamp and what you see right now its the 0.4 version. The previous version was no longer working for me. It was a Pipdig (Do you remember when it was trending on Twitter for odd stuff they did?) and my template kept bugging, but mostly the style was not working for me. I decided that surely I could purchase a beautiful template out there and this is how I find my way onto Etsy and found Berenica which supplied beautiful affordable templates among other services. She was very helpful, lovely and installed my template very quickly so I can only recommend her. 
Find her Etsy shop here.  I found my new blog version user friendly not just for me but for my reader too. 

And this lead me to do, this Autumn, more blog posts. Last year was not such a good year for my blog I barely blog (28 posts in total comparing to previous years where I produced up to 80 posts) in fact it was my worst year ever. 
This year have been so far much better and even so I probably won't reach my all time goal of 80 posts in 12 months it is still better. 

Here you have it my little insight of the upcoming season.What about you? What are you plans / goals this season? Tell me all by commenting below. 



  1. These are all so cute

    Candice ||

  2. My favorite season is spring, but I can appreciate the beauty of autumn. At least as long as it isn´t a grey rainy streak of weeks, no amount of cozy knits and hot chocolate can lighten my mood then.

    Anne from “Doctor Anne” (former Linda, Libra, Loca)

    1. I mean Spring i great too !! Don't take me wrong!!

  3. I love your mood boards. Autumn is such a lovely time of year. I am also trying to blog more consistantly. I am hoping to post at least 2-3 times a week!


    1. aww...thanks. Hope you get back on the blogging wagon. I wish I could do 2-3 post a week but I am too lazy !! haha! but I do at least once a week which its more manageable for me.

  4. Lovely post, Marie! The autumn mood boards you shared are really striking. It sounds like you have a busy season ahead of you, with plans and goals. It’s my favourite season too! Look forward to seeing more Cotswold content, you are so lucky to live by somewhere so scenic. Hope you are well. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww...thanks Helen, such a lovely comment. I ll try my best to post more Cotswold content xx

  5. Love this mood board, gets me so excited for fall

  6. Your mood board is making me excited for fall! I wanted to visit Brugge when I go to London and Paris next month but we don't have enough time to squeeze it in.

    1. Thanks . That 's a shame but I know what you mean, I hope you get to see Bruges one day. Thanks for your comment.

  7. For years, autumn used to be my favourite season; now I'm leaning more towards spring, because it feels so good to have a fresh start after a long and cold winter, but I still can't resist autumn's magic – falling leaves, the trees changing colour, hot tea, chunky sweaters and beautiful scented candles! So your moodboard made me even more excited that today is the first day of autumn!
    And you can't even imagine how happy I am thant you like and enjoy the template; it means so much ❤

    1. Oh I do love Spring too a lot !You re welcome . I love my new template. Thanks


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