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Friday 22 January 2021 Banbury, UK

hi guys, yes I am back. I took a few weeks off from blogging. My last blog, which you can find here, was a photography theme which I love taking but after that post I just went into some kind of hibernation blogging wise. But I am back!
I though I 'll come back with a blog post about what I really enjoyed watching on Netflix lately, as you are obviously all aware we are on a national lockdown and like most of us we found ourselves lock at home 24H/7 and when I am not running after a toddler and doing all the home shores you'll find myself painting, blogging, writing, drawing...and obviously watching Netflix.

I though I would share with you the last few series I watched lately that I really enjoyed.

Lets start by Bridgerton. I mean who hasn't heard about this fabulous new Netflix series? If you have not then come out of your hiding cave! I even think it was in the Netflix Top 1 for few weeks. Simply if you love historian dramas, bitchiness, family secrets, romances and well.... lots of lust ! then you would absolutely love this fantastic series. No only the acting, decor and costumes are top notch but the cast are a mix of  all ethnicities which I noticed and that I totally loved. Enough of dark skin people always being portrait (in this kind of dramas series / movies) playing servants, maids etc this time around (and I hope forever) they are portrait at the front of the screen as Master, dukes, Queen of England and so on. Its refreshing to see that the director Julie Anne Robinson embrace the 21st century like it should be. Just for this go watch it if you have not watch it already. Its brilliant. Its witty, 100%entertaininig, binge watch kind of series and well the few hotties (men and women) in there would make you melt with desire. 

 The season 2 is schedule but because of Covid delays etc. don't expect to see it until 2022 unfortunately, but trust me in 2022 I'll be there for season 2.        

I am French some of you that have been following me for a while might no for the rest of you well now you know ( I live in UK - I am married to my British handsome soulmate) and because of Covid I have not seen my family and my country for over 20 months and I miss my family and my beautiful country for the food, my family (obviously) but also for the French culture. When I heard that Lupin was showing on Netflix then I had to watch it. If you're not familiar with Arsene Lupin is a fictional gentleman thief and master created in 1905 by the French writer Maurice Leblanc. This character is  very well know in the French culture. This series in the other hand was not filmed like it was in the early 20th century but right now in the 21st century Paris. The main actor is Omar Sy is a very well known French actor and I am so pleased he was chosen as the main actor. This role was made for him.

You follow Assane Diop sets out to avenge the death of his father by an injustice inflicted by a rich French family. 

Lupin has already been watched by 70M household in Europe in its first 28 days of release and will become one of the most successful (so far) of 2021 Netflix release behind season one of The Witcher' . 

If with all that you are yet not sure watch to watch this season on Netflix then I don't know what will. 

Enjoy binge watching!




  1. I was so obsessed with Bridgerton! Though it's gutting we'll have to wait so long for more

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. me too so gutted . ah well....I am sure it will come soon enough. Thanks for your comment Jasmine. xx

  2. I must really find some time to watch Bridgerton, because everyone's talking about it and it seems like something I'd enjoy 😅😅


    1. oh you would love it ! Go watch it now !!! lol xx

  3. I just love Bridgerton and cannot wait for more seasons!

    Candice x

    1. me too ! I think its due 2022 because of delay with Covid ( fuckin* Covid) . Thanks for your comment. x


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