How to host a virtual girls' night in with Nivea *

Thursday 11 February 2021 Oxford OX1 2JD, UK

Hi Peeps! Today I'll come to you with a new post on how to Host a Virtual Girls Night In with Nivea.  Just because we can't be with our besties physically it doesn't mean girls night' is canceled!
 Grab your squad, online of course, and try out some of Nivea's top ideas for the ultimate girls' night in!

First thing Forst what not to try a quiz time?
 Make your very own personalized quiz about you and your friends. Each takes turns hosting around on things only your besties will know! Dig out some of those old Facebook posts and funny pictures! Laugh guaranteed! I mean who wouldn't laugh 
at perhaps your bestie 21st birthday old pic, or those pictures take on an all-girls inclusive holiday I am sure a lot are hilarious or just plain embarrassing just get them out ladies and don't be shy!

Host your very own spa night! Here some essentials that would be a great starting set to get you all sorted! Make sure your girls get similar products and you're in for a treat.
 First thing first get on your coziest pajamas or onesie make sure the girls got the message too, get that make off and why not get your skin ready with the Pore Purifying Refining Daily wash by Nivea? This daily wash will refine complexion, deeply cleanses, and is anti-bacterial. Perfect to feel refresh!
 Those lips of yours need a spa treatment too so why not try the Caring Scrub for your lips by Nivea. Eay to use with the friendly lipstick like scrub, super refreshing, thanks to aloe vera and it will care gently for your lips with the help of added vitamin E. 
Who does not like an instant recharge sheet mask? They are so easy to use, mess-free, and are an instant boost of moisture too. Why not try the Q10 Energy Mask by Nivea? This mask is full of anti-oxidant ingredients, vitamin C & skin-identical Q10. What more to ask? To finish your pampering night with your friends why not making sure your skin get the last treatment to finish off the night. Try on the Q10 Plus C Skin Sleep Cream? This Nivea product is pack with anti-oxidant, pure vitamin C and will help your skin restore while you sleep. But no time to sleep just yet. Now that your squad and yourself are all pampering why not finishing off with the last part of your Girls Night In?

Thanks to technology we can now create our own mini cinema date with Netflix Party. Choose a movie you know you will all enjoy, perhaps a chick flick or a scary film whatever you choose make sure you are all on the same page. Oh don't forget snacks too, get the WhatsApp or Zoom going while you are it too so you can chat, laugh, cry or gasp all together while watching your fav.
 My personal favorite movies to watch with my bestie are Mean Girls and Easy A. They are fun, easy to watch and I n-w me and my girls would love those together. 

Do you have any other girls' night suggestions to add to the above? I would love to hear them. Leave me a comment below. Thanks for reading!

Stay safe!


*Items in this post were gifted for my review. All opinions are forever my own*  

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