London adventure post Hallypopfest '22

Monday 26 September 2022

I am back with part II of my adventure in London or shall I say the following day after the Hallyupopfest where you can find my post here.
 You'll find a small review on the Premier Inn in Wembley London, where I stayed,  a view of the area I stayed where also Kai from Exo + SuperM (see post here to understand why) stayed (a few meters away from my hotel!!!) and my photography adventure to central London.  

I love posts with lots of pictures, sometimes they talk more than words, so get ready for this also if you're not a fan of K-pop then perhaps this post is not really for you or if you're just curious then stay around. 

A few weeks before the Hallyupopfest London edition I had no choice button book a hotel room by the venue ( Arena  OVO Wembley North London), My choice clearly went for the Premier Inn Wembley London, for the great location, the great reviews, the room style really for the overall hotel.
 On my arrival, I kindly asked if my small weekend suitcase could be looked after( as it was too early in the day for me to have access to my bedroom yet) and straight away the lobby staff took carry my suitcase to a safe locked location then hand me over a ticket referring to my bag, without no question ask apart asking me if I have a room booked and checking it, the staff was very discreet and helpful. I was then off to enjoy the HallypopFest and did not return to the hotel until much later than the night around 11.30pm. The hotel is literally at the most a 5 minutes walk from the main Wembley area so it felt safe even though the area was busy from all the other peeps just like me going to their hotel or local bus stops.
 I was given my hotel key as soon as I arrived and my suitcase was brought back to me within seconds. I barely wait. My room was large including a large desk, sofa, king-size bed, and all the other utilities including a mini-bar, tea and coffee area, hairdryer, etc.
 I found the room very comfortable and somehow rather elegant in its dark theme color. My only negative note is the window could not open, not like it was locked by accident but actually a window with no opening as such. I love sleeping with the window open but I guess this was done for safety measures? 

The hotel offered a breakfast buffet not included in the price of your room. I decided to take advantage of the full buffet and pay the extra for it. The buffet was excellent I did not try all the yummy goodies but it was well filled for all tastes with a hot English breakfast selection, but also cereals, fruits, yogurts, a viennoiseries selection (croissant, pain au chocolate, etc), pancake ( yes that's right pancake too!) all sort of fruit juices (and the option to also make your fresh orange juice) all sort of little jams too, Nutella, toast, bagel, etc. you name it it was rather completed. Very clean, well indicated, and also come along with hot drink facilities (using fresh ground coffee). All had the system of 'eat as much as you like' but I only settle for bacon, sausage, yogurt, a toast, and a bowl of fresh fruits. The quality was good. Highly recommended. 

Following my morning I decided to go straight to central London for two things:
1st of all to recreate Kai's Instagram picture at the Trafalgar Square that he did 24hrs earlier during the late evening ( yeah I know I am that sad) and secondly to visit my favorite store since the Japan Centre.  
Here is my picture in comparison to the one taken by Kai, I know the wrong time of the day but my time in London was counted (hello! to my off-peak train time ticket). So what do you think? Was it worth it? In my eyes definitely. 

After my little adventure in Trafalgar Square following Kai s steps, I went to spend hours at the Japan Center literally minutes away from Trafalgar Square. Japan Center is located at 35a Panton Street and your closest station is Picadilly Circus. Japan Center is featuring a classic 'depachika' style (the Japanese word for a basement food hall) and I can ensure you from my japan travel in 2000 depachika are everywhere and very convenient for anything and everything. The Japan Center offered a wide variety of goods, from lifestyle, food, DIY kits, etc let's not forget the open kitchen and the central dine-in courtyard where you have to try their fresh sushi, bento box, and everything else in between. They also do have a website where you can order goodies, find it here
Of course, I came back home with a lot of goodies, 


Then it was time to say goodbye one more time to London and head toward Victoria station where my early train was waiting for me. 

I hope you like this little post.

Thanks for reading.


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