My latest Kdrama binge: The 8 Show on netflix

Saturday 1 June 2024

The 8 Show kicks off with a tantalizing premise - eight complete strangers are offered the chance to participate in a bizarre game where they will be locked inside a building, earning money for every minute the game continues.

The catch? Each person is sequestered alone at night on one of eight separate floors, forced to purchase basic provisions like food and water at 100 times the normal cost using only their accumulated prize earnings. During the day, they can use some of their winnings to pool resources for the entire group.

At first, the eight participants, known only by their assigned floor numbers, band together to try and stretch out the game's duration and maximize their individual earnings while maintaining some basic comforts.

However, tensions quickly arise when they discover that the upper floors are raking in significantly more cash and have larger, nicer rooms compared to those on the lower floors. This economic disparity sparks a vicious power struggle between the players.

As they fight over dwindling resources and unfair living conditions, the group must also try to unravel the mystery of what unclear factors are adding more time to the game clock.

What starts as a way to earn desperately needed money descends into a murky exploration of human nature, greed, and the justifications people make when wealth and survival are at stake.


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  1. The 8 Show was so intriguing and the power struggles were intense! I binge-watched this in one night haha!

    Lenne |


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