A few of my favourite things #2

Tuesday 31 March 2015 London, UK

Here the things I loved recently especially throughout out February and March. 
When I was little I used to love cross stitch as you can guess they were usually in really simple designs and made for young children and then you know how it is you grew up and your kids hobbies turn to different things such as music, going out with friends, shopping, cinema etc. !

So my cross stitch ended up in the attic and forgotten. Well until recently, no I didn't get my old cross stitch out of the attic, but I found on the net hundreds of sites from people in their 20 s and 30's creating cross stitch clubs everywhere in city's such as London. Perhaps for some of you it might sound like the most boring uncool thing in the world but for me its the coolest trendy stuff you could actually do on a Saturday afternoon. I also found talented people selling their amazing quirky cross stitch designs on web site such as Etsy! (please click here for my favourite Etsy cross stitch seller) and before I know it I was out there getting my hands on cross stitch kits again. Lately I finished a simple Bambi design, I have a thing for Bambi and when I found that cross stitch kit I just couldn't resist doing it!

Because Cats- Lately I got this really cute iPhone 5 case! I just love the cute design and well I love cats so obviously this was meant for me. Click here if you like to purchase it at Amazon.co.uk.

I found these two cute mugs during the January sale at Sainsburys. I love deer, as you probably guess now,  (see above Bambi cross stitch haha!) and my favourite bird in the entire world is the robin! If I get the chance to see a robin in a garden or forest I go completely nuts! I just think they are the most adorable creature on earth. So obviously I had to get those two mugs. I love the simplicity and purity of their design, they complete each other and I just hope they will be safe from my clumsy ways as I've already managed to break half of my kitchen porcelain already this month.

My 5 favourite beauty items that have been using a lot lately are Snow fairy shower gel by Lush, Mist you Madly by Soap & Glory and Barry M Gelly nail polishes shades: Grapefuit 422 & Papaya 432.
You may wonder why I am using Snow Fairy shower gel 3 months after the Lush Christmas edition, well simply because I had so many others to go through during the Christmas period that only lately I started using that one and I am loving it! And I am totally addicted to Lush! Anything from this brand and I am in love (see my review on Vanilla dee-lite body lotion by clicking here) The scent is a mix of pear drop and candy floss, so very sugary and dreamy.
Also I have been loving Soap&Glory mist body spray, this hasn't left my hand bag for weeks, really handy when you want to freshen up!
Last but not least I have been using a lot Barry M nail polish and in particular Grapefruit 422 & Papaya 432! Their colour is quite springy and as spring is now here I quite like going back to more vibrant colour rather than darker ones. I love Barry M nail polish as they have a wide range of colour and textures and also they are cheap so, what more do we want?! I have so many of them that I'll probably do a little collection tour on my blog soon. Stay tuned.

Finally lets talk about Spice Buttercream by Illume that I discovered at Clinton Cards shop. At first I got the tin back during Christmas time (On the left side of above picture) and I loved it so much that a few months later I got the large jar! I am not too sure how to describe the scent but it's a mix of cinnamon, buttercream, spices and eggnog, What a mix indeed! and I am loving it! Even so I am totally in love with Yankee Candles (click here for my post about Yankee Candles) but having said that I am always on the look out for other brands to try. Also let's be honest Yankee Candles do not come cheap so if I can find something that I enjoy as much but is on the cheaper side, then why not. I am not sure if Illume candles are available anywhere other than Clinton Cards but you can always have a look at their website by clicking here or the Clinton Cards website by clicking here.

What are your favourite candles? Any suggestions? Please leave me a comment below.


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