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Saturday 21 March 2015 London, UK

My Little Beauty is a beauty range by My Little Box. You can purchase these products on-line (if your interested please click here.) or if you subscribe to My Little Box you usually get sent one a month. The below products, that I am about to show you, I got them all through My Little Box subscription. I enjoyed using them so much I though they deserved a little review. 

Lets start with the lipstick, even though it looks very red in the picture, its actually more like a balm with a hint of light red pigmentation. I love this lipstick a lot! It's probably my favourite of all six items, not only does it tint my lisps lightly, it stayed on a good amount of time and moisturises them too. I think this lipstick packaging is just adorable. I just can't enough of this little wonderful lipstick! I have been using a lot lately and I stopped it only because I want to make it last longer.

My second favourite its the My Little Beauty mascara. I am very fussy when it comes to mascara, I don't want the ones that supposedly make your lashes longer as to be honest I don't think they actually work but what I love is volume lashes! This mascara does exactly that: volume, volume and more volume so I am loving it! But the only down side is that after a few hours I found myself with panda eyes and as cute as a panda is, panda eyes are a no no! But apart from that this mascara does the job!

 The Stylo Lumiere- This was probably inspired by the Touche Eclat by YSL (click here for the link of this product). This item has a tip like a brush, I think it's supposed to give a shiny highlight on your cheeks or under your eyes. Personally I don't find it very 'luminous' but to hide those nasty dark circle it's really good, I mostly use this product only if I am feeling tired and need a little help to make me as fresh as a daisy.

 Brume Energisant- This is probably my least favourite. This product is a face and body spray energising mist with lightly floral scents! I was quite excited about this product but after trying it few time I realised that I didn't feel that its was refreshing at all, and the scent disappeared within minutes. Having said that I think this product will probably be better to use on a very hot day or perhaps after a gym session which is probably the idea behind it! I will try it again when the summer comes but at the minute I have other similar products that I much prefer.

 The Eau Micellaire- I am loving this product. Being French micellar water has always been around for as long as I can remember, but not necessarily widely available in UK, so getting one from My Little Beauty box UK was quite a nice surprise. I usually get micellar water products when I travell to France. This product is really good, not only does it removed all your make up including your eye make up, it doesn't leave any residue on your skin and does not leave any scent either I like that especially in the evening where all I want its to have a clean fresh face. This is a top notch item! strongly recommend it.

The Embellisseur Teint De Peche- This Complexion enhancer was a nice little surprise by the My Little Beauty team. I am not very familiar with this type of product so getting one was quiet exciting! This item is a really a good quality item. First of all it leaves your skin hydrated, thanks to the rich apricot oil, and also leaves a very fresh scent, thanks for the edelweiss flower and last but not least it leaves a very glowy effect on your skin! This is really good especially if you don't want to wear heavy make up and just want to have a nice glow.

Overall I really do love My Little Beauty products, most of them do what they've been designed to do, also their packaging is all so cute and really adorable, fresh and simple. The only downside it's that if you wish to purchase these items, or any other My Little Beauty products on their website (if your interested please click here.) , they do not come cheap! I personally think that their prices are a little too high and this is why I happily prefer getting them every month though My Little Box rather than purchasing them individually.

I hope you like this little review, if you have any question please don't hesitate to ask by leaving a comment below.


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