the past few weeks #1

Wednesday 15 July 2015 London, UK

For the past few weeks I have done quite few things and I have received good news too. We shall start with the great stuff I did such as seeing Taste of London. I always wanted to go and was super excited when I was sent two tickets. It was also the perfect opportunity to spend time with my best friend Betsy, we both love food and giggling so it was a good fun mix. My Taste of London post is here if you haven't read it.

A few weeks ago I went to a motor race for the first time. It was the British Formula E race in Battersea park, I have never been a big fan of motor racing, but after a very convincing boyfriend pushing me to come with him (he's a big fan if you haven't gathered) I actually really enjoyed it. I think it was mostly the frill of seeing so many beautiful and colourful cars driving at great speed over taking each other and also for the noise and the smell! I know it sounds odd but I enjoyed the smell of blistered tyers and the sounds of their engines even if they are rather quiet compared to the non-electric F1. Now I am actually thinking that it would be very cool to go to see a proper F1 race and hopefully by next year this is something we'll do.

I started a new job in the HQ of an fashion supplier so quite exciting. This job is much more relaxing that my previous one. It was a hard decision to leave my old job and leave so many amazing collegues but I think it was worth it and I surely do not regret it. Now my stress level is rather non-existent something that I found weird to deal with but I have got used to it and I am loving it.

Also my boyfriend and I are moving out of London. As much as we love our little apartment in central London. As fun as London is we are looking for a slightly quieter life, maybe I'm getting growing up now. Don't take me wrong I am dearly going to miss living close to the city and our adorable little apartment but it is also rather exciting to know that we are going to a place where rents are cheaper and houses bigger! Our goal it's to find a semi terrace house with a garden and be closer to nature too! Eventually buy bikes and feel safer to go for a ride. I know London will still be there as we both will still go there to work so it is not like I am saying good bye to my favourite city in the world.

Last but not least I got my first beauty blog event invitation, it come almost as a shock but then the shock gave way to pure excitement! it is not due until first week of September but I already cannot wait. I need to get ready and by that I mean getting my personalised blog card. I am thinking to make them myself so basically Its time to get crafty! So yeap I am very excited and I cannot wait to meet other bloggers and hopefully see beautiful products that hopefully I'll introduce you too! so watch this space guys!

How was your last few weeks? Tell me all by commenting below? 

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