a day with dinosaurs!

Friday 3 July 2015 London, UK

No it isn't the title of a new blockbuster movie, mind you that wouldn't surprise me, I'll even be up for seeing it if it exists! No this post is about my visit, a few days ago, on a very sunny afternoon in London to my all time favourite museum the National History Museum in South Kensington and I especially wanted to say hello to all the dinosaurs, yes I'm a child at heart!
When you first enter the museum not only are you are welcomed with an amazing room with an extremely high celling, Gothic stairways and stained glass windows where Mr Camarasaurus the stocky and powerful plant-eating (pheww!) relative of Diplodocus is welcoming you. What a beast it is, probably my favourite dinosaur in the whole museum. I only wish this magnificent beast was still alive and roaming some remote valleys somewhere in this world. Instead he can still live through our imagination.
By the way this is a picture heavy post! you've been warned :)

I hope you liked all the pictures, I have to say I get very carried away and I probably took about 100 pictures but these are my favourite and even though I went to see other exhibits such as the insect room, my heart always belongs to the dinosaurs, I just find them fascinating and beautiful. There is something primal about looking at these extinct animals that remind me how humanity is so small, insignificant and young.

Dear Dinosaurs if you re seeing this post don't you worry I'll be back soon.

Have you been to Natural History Museum lately? What is your favourite thing to see? Tell me all by commenting below.


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