The past few weeks #4

Wednesday 5 October 2016 London, UK

It's been a while since I have done one of these posts and I think the last one was in February which you can find here. The time passed so quickly I can't believe we are now in Autumn! Crazy! So what happened since February ...well I am not going to lie but rather a few things, I will start by probably the most life changing one and also I was kind of waiting for the right time to announce it on this little blog of mine.
So the news is that I am 5 month pregnant!!! Yes Indeed, I am expecting my 1st child. If you want to know the truth my boyfriend and I have been talking about having a little one for about two years, but as I am suffering from P.O.S. (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) we knew it wouldn't be an easy ride...well that's what we though. After I got finally diagnosed, and after i saw a specialist who decided to put me on Metformin (if you are suffering from this syndrome and I haven't yet been given a treatment I strongly suggest you look at Metformin info) to get things, hopefully, sorted down there. Once I started my treatment I was told that it could take me around 1 year or more to get pregnant but mostly have my ovary work well again it actually only took me a month  & 1/2 to get pregnant, which I still can't believe to this day how lucky I was! Even so, I only find out about my pregnancy when I was already over 2 months pregnant. Crazy to think about it!!!

A side note: This blog is not going to become a 'mummy blog' as such, as this not the aim of this blog apart from maybe the random 'baby clothe haul' but I will keep my unborn daughter (scan pictures etc.) out of all social media and even after her birth as I never feel that putting pictures of newborn or kids on the net, for the world to see, never been something that I agree with, some people will agree some will disagree but this is my boyfriend and I's choice. This topic could be a very good blog post I feel. What do you reckon?

An other big event is that my boyfriend and I are moving out of London, we bought our own place in the countryside because if you are from London you know that buying, in this very expensive city, it is impossible. I lived for almost 18 years in London and even though I know deep down I will miss it, I am on the other hand very excited to move away from the stress of the city and living in a small town in Oxfordshire and if really I miss London it is, after all, only one hour away by train.
Apart from those two amazing of news, the past few months have been filled with few blogger events:  #bloggersball and #bloggersfestival which were, once again, organised by the very talented Scarlett-London. So make sure you checked those two posts!

I also went on a few day breaks in Normandy with my boyfriend where we joined my big family there, I am are originally from Normandy but my family moved down to the sunny South of France about 25 years ago, having said that I was born in Normandy hence why my heart belongs to this region so going visiting it is always special to me, you can find my blog post about it here.

What am I expecting for the next few months: One more blogging event: #BloggersXmas, which is due in November and organised by Soeurs De Luxe  and I am so looking forward to. 

Later this month the boy and I are planning to spend few days in wales in Saundersfoot to be exact and I literally just cannot wait! So look out for my upcoming Wales post. Filled with beach picture, cute villages and plenty of yummy foods!!!

All the above pictures are from my Instagram feed so don't forget to follow me. 

What have you been up to lately? Tell me all by commenting below.


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