#Bloggersfestival 2016

Saturday 1 October 2016 London, UK

Oh do I love Bloggers events and especially at this time of the year when, surprisingly they are becoming more frequent. Always a pleasure to see old faces and meet new faces, discovering new brands or just being re-introduced to brands that are always there and are always a pleasure to see again and try out their new collection. This year #bloggersfestival edition 2016 was no exception. If you haven't read #bloggersfestival from last year find it here. Or what about checking out #Bloggersball also organised by Scarlett_London earlier this year. I expected lots of fun, excitement and cocktails! well I wasn't allowed to drink alcoholic cocktails as being an expecting mother *wink* but fruity non-alcoholic cocktails were on my menu.

Courtesy of Conrad St James London 

The event was once again, like last year, held at the beautiful Conrad Hotel in London.
The room was filled with brands from skincare, foods, jewellery etc. Basically everything a proper beauty and lifestyle blogger would love! 
So shall we start with skincare, because ladies you know this is where my heart belongs. A brand that I met before and that I utterly love its Heaven by Deborah Mitchell I was lucky enough to try one of their Cleansing Cream which is one of my favourite cleansers after Liz Earle so that for me is making a big statement. This time around I got kindly offered their Peppermint Claryfying Hydrogel which I am so excited to use, this product can be used after cleansing or simply used as a primer, knowing me the primer option would probably be on the menu. My other favourite Skincare that I was extremely pleased to see again was Exuviance another SPA like skincare that is just divine, I tried many of their products in the past from cleansing cream, night cream to serum, to list a few so if you haven't tried this brand you are literally missing out. This time around they kindly offered me to try the Multi-Protective Day Cream SPF20 which if I like, I will report back in a upcoming post. 
I also met up again with JewelleryBox.co.uk which had the most adorable display ever. If you don't know this brand please check them out as they do adorable all style necklaces, rings, bracelets etc. at very affordable prices! I have had my eye on a dainty dinosaur sterling silver necklace  for a while that I shall get really soon.

Another brand that just caught my eye was the colorful 7th Heaven display, a brand which specialises in ready-to-use masks for face, foot, hair and even hands!! I was lucky enough to choose from their amazing display any of the masks that I fancied and it was very hard to not take all of them as they all sound amazing and with different smells from chocolate, strawberry, creamy coconut to argan oil, to name a few! I am looking forward to some pampering sessions, especially  now Autumn is here and with it long evenings at home. 
Courtesy of Conrad St James London 

Courtesy of Scarlett_London

Courtesy of Scarlett_London

After a good hour chatting to brands and a few bloggers, I have to admit pregnancy took over me and I felt shattered so its with stars in my eyes and a smile from ear to ear that I left the event. I would like to thank again a million times all the brands that kindly gifted me. I mean look at all those goodies below!! If you would like me to do a review on any of them  please kindly let me know by commenting below, thanks.

If you've never been to #bloggersfestival I suggest you check Scarlett_London web site where she always lists her upcoming events, if you don't get a ticket through an invitation you can purchase it at a very reasonable cost. Going to blogger events is always a great experience and not only to meet brands and potentially work with them but also to meet like-minded bloggers which is a huge bonus. 
Have you attended a blogging event lately? Tell me all by commenting below, thanks. 
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