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Sunday 6 November 2016 Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill, ON L4B, Canada

When in London there is definitely a place that cannot be missed for a long stroll with family or friends. It is luxurious, decadent, beautiful, educational  and most importantly it reminds you the beauty of nature. This place is Kew Gardens. Funnily enough 18 years ago when I first moved to London this was one of the 1st places I visited with a bunch of friends and I always remember how beautiful and grand it 18 years later, I am actually about to leave London with a baby on the way and move with my boyfriend to our own house in the countryside and so to close the loop I went to visit Kew Gardens once again, a few weeks ago.

One of my many highlights of Kew Gardens was definitely the Rock Garden where you'll find the most amazing display of cactus, succulents, arid plants etc. from tiny little ones to giants along with ponds with amazing Koi and other cold water fish and giant water lilys, which I am sure, could support the weight of a small child! It was just Wow! A pleasure for the eyes and the senses and you know the love us bloggers have for all the cactus' out there and this place was screaming; Instagram paradise!

An other favourite of mine was definitely The Hive, this exhibition has been there since June this year and basically this is a 17 meter metallic structure, which is a representation of a bee hive, it is connected to an actual real bee hive located behind the scenes in Kew Gardens, so the sounds and lights comes through the structure at different times and speeds depending of the activity of the bees. Having a huge respect and interest in bees I was mesmerised by the experience which makes you closer to this very important & beautiful insect. Just for this unique exhibition I strongly recommend you go to Kew Gardens.

The Palm House which dates form the Victorian era is also a fabulous experience, just the fact that a glass and metal structure has been kept almost as per the original plan since Victorian times is amazing to see, when you enter this dome you are suddenly hit by a tropical temperature with a heavy humidity but you soon forget this when you see giant palm trees, bananas trees and other decadent, exotic plants that you probably didn't know existed.

An other of my favourites was definitely the Japanese garden. I went to Japan years ago and being totally obsessed with this country seeing something that remind me my time strolling in the Nikko or Tokyo temples can only be fun.

But whatever rocks your boat Kew Gardens has it all, trees, flowers and plants coming from all over the world, art exhibitions, ponds, a maze, treetop walkways (which I didn't go up as being scared of heights!) and cute coffee shops/restaurants to stop by for a well deserve tea and cakes. There is also lots of wildlife: from birds, ducks, swans, fishes also enjoying every aspect of this amazing garden. I believe that right now with Autumn being in full bloom the golden and red trees will add to this place an extra magic spell. So if you're coming to visit London or just want to get away from the stress of the city then Kew Gardens is just a beautiful Jewell to discover.



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