MAC Aids Charity Event With Anna & Lily Pebbles

Saturday 12 November 2016 Carnaby St, Soho, London W1F, UK

Being a follower of The Anna Edit & Lily Pebbles on social media I heard they were doing a little last minute meetup this week at the MAC in Carnaby Street, London for the charity #MACaids, you know I couldn't miss the opportunity to say hello to Anna & Lily again (See my meetup with them last month here), try on some MAC lippy and most of all donate for #MACaids charity.
The MAC Aids Fund's mission is to help people form all ages, backgrounds & gender affected by HIV & AIDS. Their mission is to help mostly in countries were affected people are more at risk to be neglected. Being a beautiful charity to support and also this being the time of year where we all need to give more support to those in need I went down after a hard day at work and all warm up in my giant scarf to the M.A.C. store at Carnaby Street just near Liberty in SOHO.

As soon as I arrived the store was already full of ladies who I could honestly say most of them where there to meet Lily & Anna. I got to chat to few of them, try on some lipsticks (our arms were covered in all possible shades) and I am not going to lie the conversation was mostly, of course, on lipstick, blogging, London Soho and well make up in general...well we do not follow these two babes for nothing. The store had also a DJ which was making the whole room feel rather clubby and I may have secretly done a few little dance moves as discretely as possible, but I bet it wasn't as discrete as I thought and once again I may have embarrassed myself. I really cannot help myself! Then the girls arrived and one by one we get to talk to them. They remember me from last meetup which I guess it's always nice, we chatted a little about the MAC aids foundation, our lipsticks choice of the day, then few pictures later I was a happy girl or shall I say a happy fan girl for the night. Sorry about my puffy face on the picture but the room was hot & pregnancy hormones probably did not help either! Then the night life of London called, I met the boy and went for a traditional Japanese diner in West End to end a lovely night.

If you would like to help MACaids foundation well here is what you need to do: Follow this link and purchase one of the Viva Glam lipsticks or Viva Glam lip gloss and every penny of any purchase goes directly to the charity, it is that easy and only few clicks away! I am on the hunt to order one of the Viva Glam lipsticks, I just can't decide which one to get! Decisions.... decisions! But it's definatly going to be one of the matte ones because right now this is what I have been loving most.


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