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Thursday 14 September 2017 Oxford, UK

I have a little confession: I am a huge fan of Essie and I always been faithful to their product but when you do not always have the found to pursuit your addition then usually my second or third choice of nail polish, to add to my collection, is Essence
Essence is a very affordable make up collection but what usually draw me to their counter its their always very colourful nail polishes selection, They are almost like little sweet in a candy shop and whatever colour you like you are almost guarantee to find it and at around £1.60 you really can't go wrong. Also the quality is there, despite the price.
The past few weeks have been loving those 4 nail gel polishes by Essence. To be fair they are the only 4 that I own by this brand but I certainly will get few more in the near future.

No 58-Need Your Love (The Darks Collection). This dark burgundy shade have been VERY well love the past few weeks but as Autumn is around the corner I can ensure you that it is going to end on my nails much more often. I always love a good dark shade (A little confession: They are my fav!!) . PS:Only one cot is needed on this colour.
No 83-Pretty Cool Life. We always love a nice mint colour in our collection and this beautiful shade is just doing that and its name is a perfect suit too. To get the whole mint cool effect two cot is needed.

No 77-Dreaming Of Love? I love this dark pink shade. This was so well loved during summer but I do feel it will get as much love during the colder months. This nail polish colour only need one cot! A winner all around.

No 75-Perfect Match. What is not to love about that baby pink nail polish. So cute and dreamy.To get the full effect you need two cots but apart from that it is a perfect match on the tip of your fingers.

Have you tried Essence Nail Polish before? Tell me all by commenting below. 

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