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Wednesday 4 October 2017 Banbury, UK

Autumn, that one season that I look forward every single year. I am always so happy when it start and so sad when it end. I really dislike Summer, I know I must be mad but I hate the heat, hate being tanned, hate feeling hot, not sleeping well at night because of the heat, never know what to wear especially when you are a big girl like me etc. The only thing I love about Summer it's that I know that as soon as it end my favourite season will start. 
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What I most like about Autumn are:

Autumn light. Seriously this is one of the most magical light of the YEAR, wait a sunny day wait for the late afternoon when the sun goes down and just admire that golden, amber light! Its a pure joy to just watch or if you are a photographer then you know all about that magic hour, magic light.
The cold. Yes! I love the cold because when you are cold you can snuggle under a large knitwear topped with the cosiest throw and just get cosy on your sofa with a cat purring on your laps and a loving boyfriend/ partner. What is not to like? Do you get to cosy up during a summer hot day? Nope you don't. 
Hot Chocolate. A guilty pleasure that, I 'll be honest with you, I started drinking again as soon as it was the first week of September even so it was not 'officially' Autumn (but it was in my heart). My receipt for a normal size mug is: half skimmed milk, one spoon of 100% pure cocoa and one spoon of sugar. Nothing more nothing less. No nonsense 'already made chocolate mix' beverage that most of the time are full or artificial flavour, sugar, added oils, salt, additive etc. and that you can mix with water (Wait.. what? Water? ...yuk...disgusting). Just trust me. get the proper cocoa its honestly worth it and you can always add few marshmallow or whipped cream but nothing will beat a pure 100% cocoa hot chocolate.
Candles. Well you know you are not a real blogger if you do not own your weight on candles and when the cold months hit all of them need to get out and have your whole house looks even more cosy and mostly smelling of amazing things such as pumpkin, spices , cinnamon, or warm vanilla.
Jumpers. Nothing better than get all cosy in an over sized jumper and I don't know why but the older one, you know the one you had for years and seen better days, are the best.

Wood/ Countryside/ Beach Walks. Try this: Wake up one early Sunday morning regardless the weather. Take the dog, the partner, the baby, grandma.... Put the wellies on and go for a long countryside or wood walk/ beach side and enjoy the crisp air, the light, the bird, the wind in the trees, the colours, the leaf falling from the trees... Come back home to a nice cupa and a cake or even better a bacon roll and your stress level would reach the lowest score!
What are your favourite things about Autumn? Tell me all by commenting below.

* I am french and even so have been living in UK since 2001 please forgive me if there is any grammar mistakes. :) *

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