New Bloggers? Equipment that you do not need

Sunday 12 November 2017 Banbury, UK

There is a misconception that when you first start a blog you need a lot of equipment to be able to create professional content. The truth is that really you don't, you can easily create content that is very pleasing to the eye without breaking the bank.
Here is what people think you need but really you do not:

You need the latest Olympus to capture your blog pictures.
No you do not, these days we are all lucky enough to own a smartphone with a high quality camera. Forget the £600 camera, get your smartphone and snap away as you please I can ensure you you'll get great pictures regardless especially with the help of hundreds of apps that offer different filters and grades etc.  Even your old camera that has been following you around for years, you know that one with the first digital screen, well guess what? That camera will do just fine too. So no excuse to get those perfect looking pictures.
You need the latest Mac air laptop.
No really you do not, any old laptops or even a tablet will just do the trick and these days you can even blog on the go from your smartphone. Mac laptops look good as prop or for the Instagram fanatic but trust me my 4 year old Chrome-book is doing just fine. As long as you have a laptop / desktop that does not need a mouse to run on a wheel in the back and has access to WiFi then you are good to go.
You need studio lights.
Yet again you do not need expensive studio lights. A window faced in direct sunlight will be your best friend although I do admit that when winter comes taking pictures with good lighting can be difficult and I have been there swearing at the light fading away very quickly or being literally non existent. My non expensive cheap trick its instead of getting studio lights just get 2 or 3 'Day Light Bulbs'  fix them into desk lamps or bed side table lamps (although better on desk lamp), and there you have it studio lights at a fraction of the price, easy and ready to use (and also takes up little room too).
You need an expensive template design.
You know the answer to that I guess by now, but no you don't need to break your piggy bank to pay for expensive templates or worse one specially designed just for you. If you are like me and java script its Chinese in reverse then people like Pipdig and Etsy offer affordable templates, or even better Blogger does offer tons of templates that you can customise to your taste and guess what? they are all free.
So there you have it, my little insight of the blogging world for a newbie. And lets not forget every photographer will tell you that what makes a good photographer is not the quality of the camera he/she using but the creativity of the photographer behind the camera. You can have the more expensive equipment the world can offer but if you do not know how to use it and do not have the passion and drive your content will be mediocre regardless. Trust me on this.
What are you though on the matter? Tell me all by commenting below.

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