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Thursday 2 November 2017 Banbury, UK

Its been a while since I entered a Lush shop or do a little Lush haul for that matter. Not because I didn't feel like it but since I moved out of London, 9 months ago, and that my new town do not have a Lush store, its been difficult for me to get my hand on some well deserved Lush products! I know I can place an order online but I have to admit I much prefer the store experience where you can touch, smell and and even try most of the Lush products. Lately my partner and I went for a date in Worcester (His home town) and I knew Lush is available in my partner home town so between a movie and a dinner date I cheekily managed a quick little wonder in one of my favourite store. Also I do have to admit that we are going away in Devon in few weeks time and the cottage place we are renting as a huge bath so this was a second excuses of mine to get my hand on one or two bath bombs.

Twilight Bath Bomb-  This is the first time I buy this bath bomb. I just love the colour and the smell which is a mix of Lavender Oil, Ylang Ylang (my favourite scent) and many other goodness. Also I just love the name. Have you tried this bath bomb before?
ButterBear Bath Bomb - I have tried this cute bear before, I believe it was last Christmas and I just love the scent ,obviously, but the cocoa butter is always a winner with me and guess what ? It also have some Ylang Ylang which once again is on my favourite list.
Snow Fairy Body Cream Conditioner - We all know the famous Christmas edition Snow Fairy Shower Gel but when I found that cute little pot offering the body cream conditioner version I had to have it. Christmas is, sorry to remind you, around the corner and I need all the glitter! Because yes that little pot is also full of glitters and I know it's just going to be a delighted to use it.
It's Raining Men - No need introduction I am sure everybody know also this famous shower gel and yes you guessed it, it's my ultimate favourite shower gel by Lush. I lately run out of it so I could not live Lush without at least a bottle.  It's probably my 4th bottles and probably not the last one either.

Have you been shopping at Lush lately , tell me what you got by commenting below. 


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