My Chloe Dupe Handbag

Wednesday 28 March 2018 Banbury, UK

Have been on the hunt for a handbag for month and despite the fact that we are surrounded by 100 of  shops selling us all type of bags, I could never find the right one. Either way they were too boring, too expensive, too cheaply made, too small, too big etc. it was always a 'too ...something'. And lately, from all the places, I found my perfect Spring / Summer handbag.
This little number come from Matalan a place where I would not expect falling in love with a handbag, don't take me wrong I actually love Matalan Home range (they always have, a lot like H&M home, inspiring new products for a home designer like me!)  but when it come to their fashion it is... lets just say: not to my taste.
I originally spoted a black version, of this ring chain handbag, on their display table and I do remember saying at loud, to my one year old baby looking up at me from her pushchair,: 'how lovely!'  So I adventured further into the unknown Matalan hand bags selections and this is were I found the blush pink version which I utterly fall in love with straight away. I am not going to pretend but I am actually not a big fan of pink. Anything pink its just meh for me its just a colour that I never found attractive. I am more a monochrome lady so I don't really do pink. But here we are so basically never say never

You all probably realised that by now but most likely one of the subconscious reason why I fall in love with this bag (and the colour) its because it look a lot like the Chloe Faye leather handbag. A luxury handbag that I seen hundred of times on bloggers or fashionista but for now I'll be happy for the cheaper dupe until I can offer the real deal. And yes you out there! the 'influencer' you done your job. Well done! :)

The Matalan Ring Chain handbag is a lovely dupe, and even so the price tag is on the very cheap side (£14) looking at the detail of the make it looks more expensive than it is worth. I really appreciate the gold ring and chain detail but also the buckle and faux suede effect of the flat which are probably the highlight of this bag and where most attention have been discuss to. The down side is the inside, where you know this is where Matalan could make their low price target and margin! The inside looks really cheap with a very light pink lining, of not the greatest quality, and a small pocket on the side which does not scream quality either to me but, having said that, I am not so much concern on the inside as as long that the outside have a better quality aspect then I am an happy girl. 
The size is just big enough for me, not too big because, I don't know you? but the bigger the bag is the more stuff I put in it so I always try to find a middle range where I can just carry things that I really need rather than carrying my house around. 
So here you have it. My Spring /Summer bag that I know for sure will get a lot of use in the next few months and that was worth months of waiting to find 'the one'.
So you're in a look out for a Summer-Spring handbag without breaking the bank and mostly have the feeling you have a bag that look more expensive than it is worth then just check your local Matalan. Sometimes it is in the less expected place where you find the unexpected. 
Matalan Gold Ring Chain Handbag
Have you purchased a Spring/ Summer handbag lately? 


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