My wedding decor inspiration on a budget

Saturday, 6 October 2018 Banbury, UK

This is official we are going to celebrate our wedding Summer 2019 and now that we decided on the date I have been thinking about the decor every single day. In fact even before our confirmed date I already knew what I wanted and what I did not wanted. 
To put things in perspective, I don't necessary want to follow the 'traditional' aspect of our wedding celebration and by that I mean I won't have any bride's maids, flower girls, best-man, table sitting plan, church ceremony, fancy table service and all that jazz.
But don't take me wrong I absolutely love a traditional wedding, whenever I am lucky to be invited to one, but for my own wedding I will not bother with traditional protocol. We wish to do our wedding on a budget, as we rather spending the money on a honeymoon (planning to do our honeymoon in Japan)  and spending our money on carry on redecorating our house but still we want to make the celebration special and fun.
What we agreed on & what were really important to us its to be with people we love, have good food & drinks. We are only going to invite our very close family and only very close friends. 
And with a non traditional wedding goes a not so traditional decor. I do not want (and actually never dream of) of castle/ fancy hotel/ fancy manor location, awful meringue puffy dress that cost a house, heart shape cheesy stuff, tacky but expensive diamonté decor and certainly NO flower matching the bride's eye shadow and groom's socks, because lets be honest no one would ever remember those details apart the bride (probably the groom won't remember either!) so we'll ditch all that and keep the decor on a budget and of course still within a theme, but we are not going to stress out about it and certainly not spend a mortgage on it.

So what's the theme? 
We are extremely lucky that my fiancĂ©'s mother own an absolutely gorgeous and massif orchard. So Yaaassss!!! You guessed it!! Its going to be a field / Orchard wedding celebration theme!! Think: marquee, hale bales, paper lanterns, cosy blankets, buntings, own grown field flowers etc. Its just going to be perfect! A bit like a picnic but like a very nice and special one where everybody could feel comfortable and have fun. 

Since this idea have been germinating in my head, the day have been engaged (lets say the groom is pretty happy with anything I asked), my mind have been fusing with ideas and I noted them down also as most bride to be out there, I spent a large amount of my free times scrolling down Pinterest and wedding magazine for even more ideas. 

So here what I found online on a budget and that I am hoping to incorporate in my own way (not exactly copying it, as I like making it more personal, but I am sure you know what I mean) .

Decor ideas for the outside: 

As for the food we are thinking buffet and canteen type of tables as for our table decor still keep within the simple field theme so think: up-cycling jam jars, own grown field flowers, natural jute runner, up-cycling fallen branches from local wood, terracotta pots, paper buntings/ lanterns, fairy lights for the evening etc. 

Decor ideas for the inside of the Marquee:

Vow frames decoration ideas :

 Also we are going to do the 'I do' vows under two beautiful plum treas, placed few meter away from each other,  we are thinking to use drape, paper lanterns , lower pots, our vintage Moroccan rug etc. So here some pictures I found and inspired me a lot about it.

I hope you like my Pinterest tour inspo for my upcoming wedding , I am also thinking to do a similar post about wedding dress ideas so let me know if its something you would like to see. and if you are engaged or married I would love to hear from your wedding experience, theme etc.  tell me all by commenting below. 



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