Essence autumnal beauty haul

Wednesday 19 December 2018 Banbury, UK

It's been a while since I did a little beauty haul, in fact not because I was not interested or I did not feel like sharing them anymore but purely because I did not buy any new beauty goodies since the beginning of this year. Why ? You may ask! Well... I wanted to use my already large stash of makeup and I felt, only until lately, that I did not needed anything new. I guess my love for make up was too strong and I gave up on a a year without buying anything new but personally I deserve the biggest pat on the back as I went about 10 months with no purchase and not many of us can say that (not judging!).
Essence is an inexpensive beauty product that I feel doesn't get enough good justice. I truly believe that their quality are the equivalent of more knows high street brands selling for 2 to 3 times the price.
Let me take you around my little haul which I have to admit have a very Autumnal feeling even so we are days away from entering officially the Winter season. 

First all lets start with the Colour Boost Liquid lipstick in matt. This beautiful nudy mauve in the shade: 04 Mad Matters is just truly beautiful and right on trend at the moment. I tried it and it delivered high on the 'stay on your lips for many hours after application' deal . It is highly pigmented, it does not feel heavy or sticky and it is matt as promised. In all honestly all you need its one swap and you are ready to go without worrying about anything else. 
Also lets not forgot to mention the scent which as a cocoa / coconut fragrant I am not sure if it is intentional or just how the product smell but either way it is a nice fragrant. This liquid lipstick collection come s in 6 other shade so grab one or all before it's too late and at £2.80 you can't get it wrong really.

Oh I do love an Autumnal nail polish shade it is pretty much what I own the most in my large nail polishes collection and I have to admit that a large part of my collection is from Essence nail polishes. I picked up shade ref: 117 Pumpkin Spice which is literally the best name to describe it. Its literally a pumpkin colour nothing more to add there. Its vibrant, beautiful and yet again goes perfectly with the season so what more to ask? Being a big fan of Essence nail polish and having years of experience with their quality trust me that you can not go wrong with it. They usually need one quote and if apply with a top or base quote they can last as long as any more expensive brand. Come on girl ! Go get them !!

Last but certainly not least, I finally picked up that also absolutely gorgeous single Essence melted Chrome eyeshadow. The shade is ref: 06 Copper Me. And as the name describe it, it is a beautiful chrome effect copper. I am absolutely in love with it at the minute and once again absolutely perfect for Autumn and Winter! I am all about copper or dark gold type of eyeshadow at the minute. I will not wear anything else. This single eyeshadow have been my little mate for few weeks now and it deliver high on the pigmentation, the liquid chrome effect and is easy as apply as any other more luxurous brand out there. What I really enjoy about it its you can go all casual for a day at the office and building it up, for a more dramatic effect, for a night out in town with the girl r a date night with the boy. This eye shadow cost me only £3 and it is part of 5 Melted Chrome shades.

What do you think about my little Essence haul? Have you tried Essence before? Tell me all by commenting below. 

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