Cinderella Experience at the Blenheim Palace

Thursday 6 December 2018 Blenheim, UK

Do you have what it take to embrace a journey into a magical world? Then do not go any further as I have the right magical experience for you. The Blenheim Palace created this year the most beautiful experience I ever had the chance to be invited to see first before the official launch.
This magical adventure is The Cinderella Fairy Tale Experience one of the most beloved magical adventure of all time. For its special festive edition the beautiful and already full of history Blenheim palace will take you on a journey into Cinderella magical adventure. As you walk along the historical corridor, already beautifully decorate for Christmas, you 'll come across rooms that illustrate each chapter of Cinderella story. 
The first room already give you the wow factor for things to come. As you entered the palace into the grand haul you are welcome by an exquisite decorated table that illustrate the adventure of Cinderella with intricate details, from Cinderella's little mouse friends, beautiful book artistically prepared to represent Cinderella each chapters.
Then follow the patch to more adventure to come as you enter the room of the evil wicked mother and her naughty fluffy companion: Lucifer, follow by the twisted twin step sisters room in a shamble of fabric and general disorder. Then you enter Cinderella simpler maid room where she's making her own dress out of old fabrics and rubban with of course the help of her little winged and 4 legged friends. Then you enter the more formal but elegant prince room also getting ready for the ball of the year not knowing he's about to meet the love of his life. And of course you get to meet the Fairy godmother which transform Cinderella's simple dress into the mot beautiful dress of them all with of course the famous glass slipper and the beautiful carriage made out of a pumpkin. You finish your adventure in the ball room elegantly decorated from the clock ticking the minutes passing until ring midnight to the lost of Cinderella's glass slipper. Absolutely exquisite.
My partner and I were truly impress with the large amount of detail and work put into each room. You could literally spend hours looking at everything and come back the next day to find things that you missed to see the day before. It is so full of beautiful details!  It s truly magical and a unique experience that  invited old and young to see. 
The Cinderella Experience is open until the 6th of January 2019 and as the festive season is upon us it would be a shame to miss it !




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Then if you already have not seen enough beautiful things with the Cinderella Experience the Blenheim Palace once again this year set up a light show trail all around their exquisite park lake along with a Christmas market. All the details and more pictures will be in my next post so stay tune.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks the PR team at Blenheim Palace for the Press invitation, my partner and I weren't expecting something so beautiful. We were both amazed.  

Have you visited Blenheim Palace before? Tell me all by commenting below. 


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