Lily Rose London- Bumble Bee Necklace

Sunday, 17 February 2019 Banbury, UK

Since as far as I can remember I always have a thing for Bumble bee. I mean what is not to love , their cuteness, big butt and their attitude to bump into everything without a care in the world. Pretty much sounds like me really. Perhaps I was a bumble bee in a past life? Who knows? All I know that they are a fascination of mine and I could easily spend hours watching them in my garden flying to flower to flower during spring and summer time. 
So of course with that in mind and my odd fascination I had to get my hand on a bumble bee necklace. This was my goal for the whole 2018. I mean I almost not even exaggerating. 

Then out of nowhere like a bumble bee god heard me or something Lily Rose London appear on few of my social medias with the cutest bumble bee gold necklace ever. I had to have it and lucky enough the day, my husband ask me what I wanted for Christmas, all I had in mind was one thing only and that was Lily Rose bumble bee necklace. It did not go in the hear of a deaf person.
I got his laptop out, I went into the Lily Rose web page and just point at the Bumble Bee necklace with a smile as big as my head and I said: " that is the only thing I wish to have for Christmas along with shed lots of yummy food ". He got the idea...well that's what I though until days later he asked me yet again: " so what do you want for Christmas?" I mean I do not know if men are just here to just not listen to us, women, but that time around I emailed him every other day the link of my bumble bee necklace with title such as: "you still ask your wife what she wants for Christmas here the perfect idea" or "bored to keep asking what she wants, here the perfect gift", "bumble bee by Lily Rose dream necklace perfect for your wife" you get the idea.
I mean if you ever need someone to send reminder emails after reminder email to your love one then DM me for detail.
But in all seriousness he knew I am generally not bother about gift but he could see I was very excited about that one. One evening he came to kiss me tenderly and he then murmur in my hear "I ordered it". 
 Yes !!!! Junk email tactic finally work wonder. And ...."Oh Hello sexy husb of mine" ;)
so here my absolutely beautiful Bumble bee by Lily Rose London in all its glory.

I can only say positive thing about it . I just have love for it. This brand provide quality at affordable price jewellery. I wore, pretty much every day, my Bumble Bee necklace since Christmas and the colour or the precious metal have not a single scratch or mark on it. Also I shall point out for the excellent customer service that my husband share with me back in December last year. 
My necklace was sent late, and Lily Rose London team emailed my husb, few times, to apologise on the delay, as they are a small family run business and they didn't have the facility as other giant companies have. In all honestly, even if I had receive my necklace days after Christmas, I would have not been bother. My partner and I were just happy they care about their customer and we were happy to give our money to a small business. 
Also they also do a Bumble Bee bracelet. I think I would have to order it soon! I may as well have the whole Bumble Bee collection.
PS. They have sale on right now, find the link here.
Do you have a Lily Rose London jewellery? Tell me all by commenting below.


  1. Oh my goodness I am in love with this necklace! Holy cow!

    Ash @ JennRenee Read

    1. Thanks . Glad you love it . They have sale from time to time on this necklace so wait for it if not on at the minute. thanks for your comment. x

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  3. That is such a beautiful necklace!

  4. Oh my gosh that necklace is adorable! I love bees so I need to bookmark this for when I fancy treating myself, it's so beautiful xx ❤️

    1. it is indeed so beautiful. Thanks for your comment. x

  5. As lovely as it is a complete copy of the Alex Monroe design. It seems a shame to copy someone else's creativity and claim it as yours!

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