My Wedding Hair and Make up

Thursday 7 February 2019 Banbury, UK

My wedding was just over two weeks ago and I never though I will share my experience and in particularly my hair and make up Wedding experience. This is also my first blog post of this year and what a better start of this year talking about something that gave me so much love and happiness. 

My wedding was on the 19th of January and long story short my now husband and I only had a simple registry office ceremony (although it may have been simple it was very beautiful and emotional) follow by the yummiest wedding lunch at the beautiful: The White Horse in King Sutton but more of this in an other post.  As I was saying we had a "simple" registry ceremony because we are planning to do a big Wedding Celebration Part II in July this year and we cannot wait for that too but in the mean time let me take you though of what happened on the face and hair situation on my registry office ceremony few weeks ago.


Pinterest have been my allied and with that I created a whole board (see it here) of all the hair style that was just stunning to me. I found the style that I wanted pretty quickly I knew I did not wanted my hair lose but have them done in some kind of messy but classic hair do with the addition or pearl or ornament or even flowers. 
I love the Bohemian vibe as you probably know already so of course my choice of hair style are largely base on this type.
Here how my inspiration Pinterest board looks like :


I have to say even so my hair style inspiration was fairly classic and simple, I definitely did not wanted to go the same way for my make-up. As it was a Winter Wedding (and that my bold lips are my face feature after all) I could not hide them into a nude colour ( although I did though about it at first)  or a very simple and classic make-up, so with in mind I went for the whole dark red lips, fake lashes, contouring and highlight vibe. Here my Pinterest board inspiration board:
My hair style was done by the lovely Natalie at The Hair Book. I booked Natalie back end of 2018 and on my trial we went through the different styles I saved on my Pinterest board. We decided to go for a mermaid plait running from the top of my head to the back of my head and finishing by a large bun. Although I really like the plait I was not too sure about the bun. I had few weeks to think about what I really wanted hence why for my wedding day we decided to changed completely and we went for two plaits running from the side of my head and meeting at the back in a lovely arranged twist along with arranged Gypsophila Paniculata flower, which was also my bride bouquet.

Pictures talk better than words :


My wedding make up was done by the lovely and talented Helen at the Helen Silver Make-up, I wanted glamour, I wanted the fake lashes and I wanted bold dark red lips. She listened and she executed divinely. Not only she used cruelty free make up (such as Charlotte Tilbury, Becca, Too Faced etc.) but she made me feel at ease straight away. 
My look was as I wanted : Glamour. My eyes, my skin and my lips. I had the glow and everything else in between. 
My make up last all day and all night I only slightly retouch my lipstick after lunch and dinner but apart from that it was the perfect make up (by the way the lipstick was my own , it was the Maybelline Divine Wine No 975.)
I have to admit when I discovered the final result ( along with my hair being done) I had a tear. A tear of happiness as I felt so beautiful, a word that I haven't used on me for a very long time. When you feel not adequate most times by just scrolling Instagram it is an absolute dream to feel beautiful and even more dreamy on the day of your wedding. 

Once again many thanks to Natalie and Helen, they were the dream team, both absolutely lovely and very professional. I can not recommend them enough. If you live around the Oxfordshire /  Northampton area, I strongly recommend this lovely blond duo.

What do you think on my Wedding hair and make up? 



  1. Your hair and makeup are gorgeous, tou looked beautiful! Great choices, really suited you. I love the teeny tiny flowers in your hair x

    Insta: @stcy

  2. You look amazing! What a gorgeous hairstyle!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  3. Oh wow Marie you looked so gorgeous, I love your hair, it's so pretty xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. aww....people don't usually tell me that I am gorgeous. Thanks for your lovely comment Gemma. x

  4. So beautiful! I love the hairstyle!
    Congrats on getting married!

  5. Marie you are a real French beautiful lady ❤️

  6. You look gorgeous! I know I'm going to struggle with hair and makeup when I get married next year - I'm so in decisive :( x

    1. It can be a struggle indeed. Just try to have trials if you can before the big days so it will give you ideas of what you really want. Congratulation on getting married soon too. Thanks for your comment too. xx

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