My Christmas decoration

Sunday 15 December 2019 Oxford, UK

Christmas season. Another reason for me to spend hours decorating my house. I am a huge interior design fan and if I can change things around because of a change of a season then I certainly will. I think I would describe my Christmas d├ęcor as classic but stylish. I always make sur that every ornement goes together regardless where they come from and regardless their prices. One thing for sure they need to somehow match .
My Christmas tree was the first thing that we put up (decoration wise) it is a fake tree from the Everland brand. I highly recommend this tree because it is the most realistic fake tree I ever had. The reason we got a fake tree its we believe it is more sustainable than a real tree. We bought this Everland Noble Pine 6 foot tree in Januray 2018 during the sale, as those bad boy do not come cheap. So my tip, if you want to buy a beautiful well made realistic fake tree, check Everland collection and wait for the after Christmas sale. 

This year is again a woodland theme and the colours there are very hearthy tones (think copper, dark green...) along with sparkly gold touch. Its actually the same theme as last year Christmas mostly because why buy new decoration when you have a whole collection that work just fine. The only extra decoration I bough this year its a new robin bauble (and few fake Christmas tree branches). I have a thing for robin bird they are my favourite and each Christmas you can be sure I will find a new little robin to add to my bauble collection and this year was no exception. 

My fire place needed to have a little Christmas make over. This year I got fake Christmas tree branches, a gold leaf garland and few baubles and pine cone scattered around. Let not forget my glittery deer which I got last year at Poundland and in all honestly look more expensive than what it originally was. Inside my fire place I decided to put few paper snow flakes, a vase of evergreen tree branches (from my garden) and few cutting from a wiping willow for a little more Christmassy effect. I added tiny little clear bauble with golden star inside and here you have it. 



  1. Oh, I absolutely love your Christmas tree! It looks so beautiful ❤


  2. How Beautiful!!! I love the touch of gold!

  3. Your decorations are beautiful. I feel like everywhere looks so bland without them! x



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