5 Things I am Loving Right Now #4

Thursday 19 December 2019 Oxford OX1 2JD, UK

Here No 4 of my little series : 5 Things I am Loving Right Now. I don't usually do monthly favourites because I very often find myself loving a product for more than just a month especially when it comes to skincare or beauty. But I do love doing a little round up of usually 5 things that have been loving for the past few months or so. My latest in the series was in June this year which you can find here.

So what have been on my loving radar the past few months? A bit of skincare a bit of beauty a bit of a series and everything else in between.   
Maybelline Lipstick 
I lately came across this beautiful Maybelline Shine Compulsion lipstick shade 60 Chocolate Lust. It felt that I never seen a shade like this with this very shine effect or perhaps I just need to go out more often and by that I mean spend more time in Boots or Superdrugs beauty hales. Anyway I find myself reaching for this lipstick very often and I think it needed to be on this blog post. It is a beigy nude with a very shiny almost juicy effect. It is silky smooth and almost feel like a moisturising lip balm. I wont say its stay all day, because I love too much my coffee and food, but as lipstick goes it is a very nice and an easy wearable shade. 

H&M Jumpers
One thing I was lacking for this Autumn and winter was few new jumpers. I am always subconscious to only buy what I need and not what I want and following this I actually really needed new jumpers in my wardrobe. All my other jumpers are very old (I am talking 6-7years old) and all lost their shape , and they have more or less holes ( thanks to few moths that visited our wardrobe last summer) and in general they all seen better days. It was time for me to get my hand on few jumpers and lately I settle for two H&M jumpers. 
My first buy was the gorgeous nude knitted jumper with white spot (£17.99 on sale at £13). Very soft and easy to just wear with anything really from the cosy leggings to stay home or with a pair of jeans for a coffee date with my besties or my husband. 
My other choice was this cream Conscious Cable Knitwear also from H&M this jumper is 100% made from recycled fibre and cost a little more that the previous one (£24.99). This jumper is the ultimate cosy jumper especially when it is especially cold outside. I absolutely love it. But I do think its more of an outside jumper (as very warm) rather than a jumper you can put on when you have a lazy day at home.

The Ivy Brasserie Oxford
Unless you have not been reading my blog lately you would know that have been not once but twice been invited at the new Ivy Brasserie in Oxford that opened on the 5th of November  you can find both of my blog post about the preview party here and the breakfast Bloggers review here) . Thsi brasserie became my new favourite hang out place. Not only it is absolutely stunning, the food is delicious and it is affordable.  So what more to ask? I am already planning to bring one of my best friend there very soon and I am so going there for my birthday around mid-December, but do book as this place can be very busy especially during weekends.
The Ordinary Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10% daily moisturiser is a favourite lately and I love it so much that  new one is on its way (as unfortunately it only comes in 30ml (Deciem really need to increase their products quantity, don't you agree?) . I did a review on my blog few weeks ago on this product so I won't bore you again with another review but if you still want to read it then follow this link.
His Dark Materials
This have been a recent love but I though it still need to be parted of my 5 things series. This new series is on BBC every Sunday nights at 8pm and it is of course from the series on the worldly famous Philip Pullmann books (Spyglass etc.) . I read the book, many years ago and I absolutely love them. 
Then The Golden Compass movie was released in 2007 (Staring: Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman). I was well excited for this release, back then, but unfortunately the movie lack of personality, the cast weren't actually that good and it just failed to perform. This was a big disappointment for many people including me. This production were supposed to do 2 other movies but it was cancelled (it was probably the best thing to do) after the flop the first movie did.
So when I heard few months ago that BBC was filming His Dark Materials I was well excited and yet worried that it could be a miss again. Well...4 episodes in and I am hooked.
The BBC series version is so much better in many ways yet not perfect but it definitely have a more humanity feel, better acting, better screenplay and better choice of actors too. Overall I feel this series so far is on the positive side and I truly hope it will be like this until the end of the series. 
*Some Items in this post were gifted for my review. All opinions are forever my own* 


  1. The lipstick colour is so beautiful and is perfect for the drier winter seasons.

    Carmen x
    Forever Hibernating

    1. I think its beautiful too. Thanks for your lovely comment Carmen. x

  2. I really need some new jumpers in my closet, because I had to part my ways with some of them last winter, because they just looked... bad :D I've had them for years and you could definitely tell. Now I only have two that I really love, but they're not very thick, and I need something to keep me warm during the winter. So far I didn't have any luck in thrift stores, so I might have to go to H&M and buy one good chunky jumper — one the second one you shown looks really good!
    And I'll look into the show and give it a go, although I should probably refresh my memory on the book first, because to be honest, I don't remember the plot very well, I read it ages ago :D


    1. I do try to thrift my jumper too but often I struggle as I am a bit girl (to find my soze) so often I get my jumper from H&M. I hope you get to enjoy His Dark Materials. I thin its really good :)
      Thanks for your comment x

  3. The lipstick sounds stunning and such a pretty color!

    lenne | blog

  4. That chunky cable knit looks sooo cosy, and The Ivy looks dreamy! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. It is indeed. I can confirm its very cosy and warm :)
      Thanks for your comment Audrey.

  5. I adore those jumpers, I'd definitely pick them up myself! H&M can have some really gorgeous bits when you get them on a good day. I'll have to pop in. I really struggled to get into HDM books but fun fact, I went to an open audition for Lyra for the film. Good thing I didn't get it considering how awful it was!

    Musings & More

    1. Indeed H&M have often gorgeous jumper and they usually kept them simple and stylish. Wait what you went for an open audition for Lyra? You need to tell me more about that ? wow !

  6. The lipstick sounds and looks gorgeous! :)



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