My 3 Nivea must have for Summer *

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Hi all, I know long time not seen but I am back and I hope you'll like my below skincare reviews to kick off my ' back to the blogging sphere' . 
Three things that I think are essentials to get ready for a Summer break (even so it is most likely it would be for more of us in our garden  thanks to Covid19) are as the follow:

1st thing first I always believe that it is very important to always cleanse your face before bed but also in the morning. 
I highly recommend for that quick but efficient morning cleansing the MicellAIR by Nivea. It s a make up remover, even the waterproof one (and oh! do we know how we love waterproof make up during hot weather) , it is formulated to not leave your skin dry, gentle, no perfume and leave you feeling and look clean. A little shake to mix the gentle dry oil and the micellar water and you re ready to go.
I love using it with a muslin cloth or one of my washable cotton pad for a quick but efficient cleanse. It deliver and you won't believe the few remaining dirt I often found on my skin even after I cleansed the night before.

My 1st step for a well hydrated and exfoliated skin its to Jump in that fresh morning shower and rub that beautiful gingery and basil scented Deep Cleansing Clay Fresh shower gel by Nivea. Trust me it will wake up all our sense and make you feel fresh and awake. This beautiful shower gel have natural Kaolin clay which is known for its cleansing and detox benefits but also for its purifying and healing properties. I mean what is not to love?  Also shall we just make a little note of the XL bottle. I do love that kind of larger packaging...last obviously much longer and no excuse to have the whole family to using it too (I know my husband wont say no to a detox clay shower gel!). 

Last but not least its the Nivea Sun Protect and Dry Touch. This product is something I never encounter before and I love it. It is simply a sun protection spray protecting you with an UVA/ UVB at 30. It is a very light spray refreshing, non greasy and mostly do not leave a single white marks....which we all know is a no-no look. To be apply generously before sun exposure, rub it in and let it dry. This spray do not leave any greasy product and it almost feel like you have nothing on, and did I mention that it is waterproof too? Yes!! we do love waterproof products. So when your dad decided to get the giant paddling pool out in his back garden for a splash about , remember to always protect your skin and reapplied every few hours to make sure the product is effective at 100%. 

Now that you are all ready for your home-vacation, what Nivea product you think would be your most use from my 3 above fabulous trio ? Tell me more by commenting below. 

*Items in this post were gifted for my review. All opinions are forever my own* 



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