10 Free activities to do during the Lockdown

Wednesday 15 April 2020

We are all in a lockdown situation and I know what it means for some of us its: boredom. We cannot go out apart for essential such as, food or the daily authorise form of exercise that we can do outside, but lets face it, at the minute days can feel very long and that is totally normal. Especially for those that cannot work form home and find themselves lock in a house with lacking ideas of what to do. Below is my little list of 10 things that you can do, something to break the monotony and the boredom. Oh! and did I mentioned they are all completely free. If you have more ideas, then feel free to share them with us by commenting below. We are all in this together so let's make this situation as positive as possible. 
1- Enjoy a Thursday Free Night Play with the National Theatre. Grab a drink, a pack of crisp then settle on your sofa and enjoy!

2- Enjoy Free book to download with Loyal Books, whatever your taste from mystery, romance, drama to fantasy they have thousand of books ready to be download for free.

3- Learn a language with duolingo. I actually started learning Japanese. Few years ago I took lessons to learn about this beautiful language and then I gave up after few weeks because I had too much going on in my life at the time. Now that I have more free time I decided to go back to it.

4- Paint by numbers. You are not Picasso but still want to try to relax while painting? Well I recommend paint by the number, here are some you can print online for free and use any paint colour of your choice or try eBay for paint by the number kit. I got myself two and I cannot wait to have them delivered.

5- Chalenge yourself to a puzzle. It might sound obvious but puzzle are a good way to relax and to focus on something else than the news. Its good for your mental health. As I suffer from it I can ensure you that spending an hour or two a day doing my puzzle help me a lot by reducing my anxiety.

6-Are you missing your friends and family during the lockdown? Why not meet them for a virtual pub quiz. HouseParty or Zoom apps are perfect for those virtual meeting. My favorite its the 'guess the drawing' with HouseParty. Hours of laughter.

7- Create a virtual book club. Get the trashiest book possible and share your fun experience with your friends. Laugh would be on the menu, trust me.

8- Enjoy a virtual cinema experience with Netflix Party and guess what ? It s free.

9-Get crafty with BluePrint, this free online video can teach you so many things from learning how to stitch mask for our NHS staff heroes or simply learn how to doodle or to decorate cupcake. Have a go.

10-Throw an indoor picnic. Get a table cloth or a blanket, make a tower of cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches and other finger food and enjoy eating on your living room floor. Even better if you have a balcony or a garden. It will give you a lovely break from the routine of your kitchen or dinning table.

Stay home Stay safe!



  1. We've tried Netflix Party among friends! It's cute and fun, yes!

    Jil | https://www.letsjiloutdoor.com/


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