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Thursday 19 November 2020 Banbury, UK

There is two things that I like its crystal and candle and if I can mix the two then I surely will. Thanks to Instagram I was introduced to a beautiful small Etsy business Shinosaur from my dear Instagram friend Anastasia. Shinosaur was created by herself and her sister Charlotte and I have a little interview for you from the two creators as it is not a better way to introduce a small Esty business than by the creators themselves :

Tell me a little about yourself please?
We are sisters from Dorset who decided to start their own brand with a focus on natural-world insired homewares, gifts and jewellery. One sister is a fossil expert, with a B.Sc in Natural Sciencs, often found on the Jurassic Coast hunting for new finds with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of all-things-fossil.
The other has an unhealthy obsession with all things shark and a background in consumer insights and market analysis.

When did you decided to create a small Etsy Business?
We are united by our belief in conservation, sustainable practices and the need for education and awareness on the plight faced by the natural world ad we wanted to be able to find gifts, treats and everyday wear that fitted with our principles. When we couldn't find what we were after, we decided to do it ourselves.
During lockdown (0.1) we've had plenty of time to think (as have many people) and we've discussed starting a business before, pairing our knowledge and skills together. With more people shopping online than ever before, now felt like the right time to give it a try!

How did you come up with your brand name: 'Shinosaur'?
Why 'Shinosaur'? Well, in its simplest form, we knew we wanted it to include some variation of the word dinosaur, and we knew we wanted to sell jewellery (shiny things). We went through a lot of options first though it was a good number of hours brainstorming i. But we hit on Shinosaur and it just seemed to fit, our logo was a much quicker process- We love our our little stegosaur! (Which we are still, trying to find a name for , so if you have any suggestions, let us know!)

We believe that the things we all buy should be underpinned by sustainable practises (which is why you'll find that we use recycled and eco-friendly packaging where possible), ethical choices (including fair worker rights ad diversity), and education. At the end of the day, we wanted to built a brand that was founded on authenticity and that fits with our principles. We wanted to built a brand that we'd buy from.

Now that you know more than Shinausaur let me introduce to one of their product which when I first saw it I clearly had to have my hand in it. My beautiful Himalayan Salt Crystal Tealight.  I believe in the power of candle soothing your mind and I believe also the benefit of energy that ray out from crystal. Himalayan Salt Rock are known for Detoxing the air around you, Boosting your mood, Improving your sleep and relieving allergies amongst many other benefits. That you believe or not in crystal healing either way this product is the perfect addition for any home. 

I absolutely love the sturdy shape and the rough aspect of it (I don't think I would have like it as much if it would have been polished). The tealight hole have been done very neatly and is deep enough ( roughly about middle of my rock) to let a lovely arm peachy glow. 
The only worries I had its if my candle would leave dark smoke around the tealight hole but have been using this Himalayan Rock salt for about a month now and I can report that no trace have been left by my candle burning. My rock is about 10cm of height and weight about 1.6kg.

Overall a beautiful product and I shall not forget to mention that it have been ethically sourced from the foothills of the Himalayans.  All products sale on Shinosaur are ethically sourced.

Shinosaur have around 20+ products on their Etsy shop from Crystal pendants, ammonite fossils, marble candle holders and many more! I highly recommend you to check them all if you are looking to gift someone or just for you. 

Shinosaur also is offering a 10% discount to all my readers, just use the code : SHINO10 (Valid until Boxing Day) .

|| Below photo credit: Shinosaur ||

What do you think about my Shinosaur Himalayan Salt Crystal Tealight? 
Tell me all by commenting below.

Thanks for reading.



  1. I've never really been into salt lamps, but recently they started catching my attenetion more and more. And the idea of supporting a small business makes me happy, so I'll take a look at them, a salt tealight or one of their cute animal ornaments sounds like a lovely Christmas present 😍


  2. aww..thanks Berenica. yes I love rock salt I never got into it until fairly recently. I hope you like their website. x


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