Autumn & Belle Scrunchies & wax melt Review*

Saturday 7 November 2020 Banbury, UK

Hi All, 
Today I would like to introduce you to the cutest Etsy Business ever: Autumn & Belle.

Autumn & Belle is a small Etsy business specialised in hand made scrunchies using fabric upcycled from recycled and vintage clothing. 
But this lovely brand don't just want your hair to have pretty accessories but want your home to smell divine too. Autumn & Belle also made hand-poured wax melt using soy wax and fragranced using the highest quality oils. 

But before giving you a proper reviews on the goodies Kirstie sent me to review,  please find below a little interview of the lady behind Autumn & Belle :

Tell me a little about yourself please?
-I'm Kirstie and I've always been a fragrance mad lover of colours and prints, so Autumn and Belle combines everything I love!

When did you decided to create a little Etsy business of scrunchies and wax melts? 
-I started Autumn & Belle in the Summer of 2019 after breaking my foot and thus being on hiatus from my photography business. I wanted something to occupy my time that didn't involve leaving the house, so I picked up various craft projects. I found that I loved doing them so much, that after my foot healed I didn't want to stop, and so Autumn & Belle was born.

How did you come up with your brand name: 'Autumn & Belle'? (Which by the way is a lovely brand name).
-The brand name comes from being an Autumn baby, my birthday is in October and its the most beautiful season of all! I chose Belle because it's a name I'd picked out for a daughter, and I don't yet know whether children will be on the cards, so I wanted to use the name in some way or another. Autumn & Belle feels like my baby!

After speaking online on many occasions with Kirstie of what colour I love, scent, my lifestyle etc. Kirstie decided to sent me a surprise box with everything she though would suit me best and let me tell you she did not disappointed me.

I received the Woodland Walk & the Caramel Kiss was melts. Along with the 'Mummy & Me' Scrunchies range as she knows I have a 3 and a half daughter. I mean she made my heart melt as she though about my daughter and she though about my love of Autumn too! 

On opening my pink parcel (yes pink !!!) , not only I was hit with the most beautiful scent ever but the whole box opening was like a birthday or a Christmas opening present full of cute confetti's and pink tissue paper and of course the kindest note ever. 

I know some people might think receiving an order with full of glitters , confetti's or else might be too much, but I personably think it make the whole experience even more enjoyable. It s a treat from you for you (in most case) so lets go crazy with it shall we ? Also perfect for gifting too.

The Mummy & Me scrunchies range is just such a clever little idea. As expected the kiddo scrunchie is much smaller by about half of the adult version.  
The stitches are very well done and barely noticeable, they seems tight too which is what you want. The inside elastic seems to be rather sturdy and fairly tight having say that you can easily do 2 to 3 turns with it when you do a ponytail or a bun. Depending obviously of the thickness of your hair and also your hair style. 

My hair ( and so my daughter) are very fine and naturally straight so I need at least 3 turns to secure my scrunchie and it hold perfectly fine.

The quality and the love put into the making of those scrunchies are very noticeable and very much appreciated !

Now the wax melts. I love my wax melts a lot especially during colder seasons as I have my wax burner out most evenings. 
What I like about Autumn & Belle is the flower shape soy wax which make it easy to cut. You only need 1 to two petals to melt. 
Each chunk will provides approximately 8 hours of fragrance. So technically one flower could last you between 35 to 40 hours.
Important note: Each flowers soy wax came in a little reusable pouch. Small detail perhaps but I purchased, in the past wax melts from other suppliers that did not came with a pouch or else and where difficult to store to say the least. Small detail but as they said everything is in the detail. 

Kirstie very generously sent me two soy wax melts which are the Caramel Kiss and the Woodland Walk

Caramel Kiss:
This soy wax melt is a mix of caramel, almond, creamy coffee and vanilla oils, smell like a buttery caramel sweet . The scent is sweet obviously and your home will smell like a toffee store. I mean who would not like that, right? I absolutely love the swirly effect design of this wax melt. It looks like caramel and butter are being mixed together. Its just a clever design and perfectly represent what this wax melt is all about. Sweet and comforting!

Woodland Walk 
This one is a mix of lemon, hazelnut, amber, cedar, oak and patchouli oils. This scent literally scream Woodland Walk. It has a small sweet scent behind it but the note is mostly hearthy thanks to the oak, cedar and hazelnut notes. Its a deep and beautiful scent probably more on the relaxing note that caramel Kiss so if you more into that kind of scent then I highly recommend this one. I love it. 
The design is a very Autumnal design or course with deep forest green and amber colour speckles with gold and light green glitters that look just like falling Autumn leaves. Its a very clever design! Not only its pleasant for your nose but to your eyes too. 

Side note: Autumn & Belle strongly believe in sustainability and all their packaging, fabric, cards are or come from recyclable products and all wax melt are 100% made of soy wax along with the glitter that some wax melt may contain are biodegradable. 

Overall Autumn & Belle is a beautiful Etsy store that deserve all the support for their beautiful well made products, designs and sustainability. Since receiving my above gifts I placed an order with Autumn & Belle and I cannot wait to received my Lemon Meringue melt and my new Breast Cancer design scrunchie. 

Autumn & Belle offer a 10% discount for all my reader, all you have to do its to use that code MARIE10 when placing your order, let me you if you do.

Do you love wax melt and Scrunchies? Tell me all by commenting below.

Thanks for reading!


||Below photos credit: Autumn & Belle||

*Items in this post were gifted for my review. All opinions are forever my own*  


  1. Really sounds like a brilliant store, and I love the design of the melts! They look and sound incredible. And the scrunchies are too cute! It's great that they're sustainable too, lovely review and thanks for sharing :)

    Anika |

  2. These are so cool and I totally want that scrunchie!


    1. aww...thanks , yes they are indeed. thanks for your comment.


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