Muru Jewellery Review *

Thursday 4 March 2021 Oxford OX1 2JD, UK

Hi Peeps,
 Today I am coming to you with a little review on Muru Jewellery I got very lucky to be gifted by the PR team not one but two necklaces that I could choose from their fully stock catalog.
 My two choices were the 18" Drop Crescent Moon and the 14" Beads Chain Chocker both in sterling Gold 18k.
A little bit more about Muru Jewellery
Founded in 2006 Muru believes that jewelry should be an expression of each personalized style with a touch of hopes and aspirations and I cannot agree more on that. Jewelry always is for me a way to express myself, perhaps in a small way but I always love Jewellery and necklaces that have meaning for me or bring a memory, a place, or else in my mind as soon as I look at it or touch it. Muru Jewellery believes and brings minimalism, dainty, simplicity, playfulness, and versatility. Whatever makes your world go around you'll for sure find a Muru Jewellery that would be unique to you and your style. 

Drop Crescent Moon Necklace.

This is definitely my favorite of the two. I always wanted to have a Moon Crescent necklace and of course I had to have this one. This necklace comes in 3 lengths ( I choose the regular 18" length), comes in sterling gold or silver. 
Being utterly in love with witchcraft (yep!), crystal, and the night atmosphere in general, the moon represents the female body in his beauty and mystery. That necklace somehow is a bit of me and I absolutely love it. I love pairing it with the Bead chocker on most days too.
 Perfect on a white T-shirt or any v neck top. It's a very versatile necklace and definitely one that I wore the most.

 Beads Chain Chocker

This dainty was obviously the perfect addition to pair with My Drop Crescent Moon Necklace, first of all for the daintiness and also because it is shorter in length (Mine is 14" but do also comes in 18") so perfect to layer with a longer necklace or simply to wear on its own. I think the cute gold beads are very charming and delicate. Perfect to wear on a white shirt or on an evening dress (whenever we'll be able to go out again that is hehe!) either way I find it perfect for any occasion including office wear. I love this little necklace to bits. 


Both necklaces have been equally worn together or individually for about a year now on and off and so far I have not noticed any tarnishing, loss of shiness, or scratch. The claws still work perfectly well so it goes without saying that I strongly recommend Muru Jewellery and they definitely can include me as a forever customer. 

Which one is your favorite? Tell me all by commenting below and don't forget to check Muru Jewellery.

Thanks for reading!


*Items in this post were gifted for my review. All opinions are forever my own*  



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