Mother's Day Treat by Nivea*

Sunday 14 March 2021 Oxford OX1 2JD, UK

Hey Peeps, Hope you are all well. Today I am coming with you with another post about my whole time favorite brand: Nivea.
Lately Nivea Family sent me a special Mother's Day parcel (but also totally available for your friend, sister, grandma, etc.).  They wanted to make sure that my special day was injected with some energy (Well I guess you feed a lot of energy when you run after a toddler 24-7 in my experience anyway)  plenty of pure vitamin C so my skin gets well prepared before the arrival of Spring and Summer. Oh and of course this range is full of Q10 which is a nutrient that occurs naturally in our body, which help preventing damage and it is also an antioxidant which is what we love to hear ladies and gentlemen!

So my special pamper contained the following:

Q10 Energy Plus C  Anti-Wrinkles Day Cream SPF15.
I used this dray cream before and it's always been one of my favorites, for few reasons really first I am in my 40's and even so, my skin does not show any sign of aging (wrinkles), yeh! Lucky me! It does not mean I can't help prevent it or at least delayed it which leads me to use it on a daily basis. Secondly regardless of which season you are it is very important to use facial cream with SPF in it regardless of its 15 or more. ITo prevents ski aging-preventing with an SPF is tightly recommended too. Thirdly Nivea products are never greasy, watery, or else. just the right consistency to use. Easily absorbed by your skin and always leave behind a feeling of well-hydrated skin ready to take on what the weather and wife will throw at it.

Q10 Energy Recharging Night Cream Vitamin C + E.
You can't have a Q10 day cream without the sister for night times. Funny enough this night cream by Nivea has been one of my night routines for a few years now. It's one of the creams that feels the best my skin type and also feels nicer and not too heavy especially when you are about to go to push the snooze button. This night cream is very similar to her day cream sister the only difference I can perhaps identify is it's a slightly heavier type f cream but not heavy enough to not be absorbed by your skin. The other difference its this cream has also Vitamin E on top of Vitamin C. Vitamin E is beneficial at reducing UV damage and dermatitis. Not only you get a good night's rest but your skin gets a repairing night too. What more is to love.

Q10 Energy Fresh Look Eye Cream.
 To make sure every bit of your face is well protected make sure to have this Eye Cream pack with Vitamin C + E . Same as the night Q10 cream this little tube of wonder is full of Q10, vitamin C, and E. Perfect for a well-protected skin. The small delicate applicator is perfect to give you the right amount for your delicate eye area without overdoing it.   

Q10 Rich Body Lotion Firming + Vitamin C -250ml
Listen ladies you can't have all the pampering for your face without taking care of your body too, right? Don't worry I got you covered with the Q10 Rick Body Lotion. Same as the day and night face creams this rich sultry and is a very moisturising lotion full of Q10 and well our best friend the Vitamin Cis here too. This body lotion have been used by yours truly before and if you love soft but a rich body lotion then this is yours to be. I don't find this product greasy at all and with the beautiful signature Nivea scent you cannot be disappointed with it. 

Q10 Energy Instant Recharge Sheet Mask.
Sheet Mask are so popular and to be honest I totally love them too, they are easy to use and no faff around or rinsing involve which is just perfect. 
Nivea Q10 mask version is this Instant Recharge Mask, also pack with Vitamin C and of course or best friend the famous Q10. This is a 10miutes sheet mask that would make sure you feel recharge and a feeling of freshness and moisturise face. I love using them in the evening while watching a movie or just before bed time.

Nivea Refreshing Shower Fresh Blends With Apricot, Mango, and Rice Milk.
Last but not least this refreshing shower gel. I absolutely love this range (Raspbery, watermelon, honey suckle, cotton etc.) from Nivea, I own few of them and this was would be added to my collection. Not only they smell suprer fesh but they are around 90% made of natural derived ingredient, bottle made of 100% recycle plastic and vegan. o you know what you have to do ladies. 

 Have you tried any of those beautiful Nivea products or which to? Tell me all by commenting below and Happy Mother's Day !!!!


*Items in this post were gifted for my review. All opinions are forever my own*  


  1. It's been a while since I used Nivea products. This post is making me want to try their products again especially the night cream!

    Have a great day!


    1. Oh you should try Nivea again they have so many good stuff for all age and skins. I love this brand. thanks for commenting. x


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