Visiting The World Of Beatrix Potter Attraction in Windermere

Saturday 25 September 2021 Oxford, UK

Few weeks ago it was no secret that hubby, daughter and I spent a week (hello Staycation!) camping in Cambria not far from the Lake District area. During or week stayed we seen wonderful things, but one attraction that I just wanted to share with you was The World Of Beatrix Attraction in Windermere. My daughter is only 4 and a half years old but she s a big fan of Beatrix Potter's books so we could not not visit this attraction. 
My first though if I was surprisly shock to find this attraction absolutely exquisite and magical. I literally was not expected that. I think I was at some point more excited than my daughter was. This attraction is a delight even if you never read a single book by Beatrix Potter its a magical place to enter and to enjoy fully. It hard to describe a place that procure such a magical feel but each 'scene' or each room shall I say were exquisite in the details, the coloring, the choice of background etc. I could not find anything negative to say. This attraction have been created with love behind it. Each creation, each scenes ech costumes are beautifully made and  magical. I loved it and my daulgter was as delighted as I was. She was very excited to recognize all the characters and even some of the scene of some of the books. But sometimes pictures talk better than words so here few pictures of our visit.

Peter's Rabbit Garden

Have you visited the World Of Beatrix Potter in Windermere before or wish to, tell me all by commenting below?


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