Cheek Heat by Maybelline Review

Thursday 12 August 2021 Oxford, UK

It's been a long time since I did a beauty review, but you know how it is, when a product wow you I have to report back, right? Lately, I purchased the Cheek Heat by Maybelline, out of curiosity as I never use a creamy type of blusher before so I did not know what to expect really as I am more the traditional blush in compact form. Anyway, long story short I came back home with a little beauty haul (see my post about my beauty haul here) including this little tube.

So what is Cheek Heat by Maybelline?
It's simply a sheer gel-cream blush. The tube is about 8.5cm long and comes in 3 shades which are: Pink Scorch, Nude Burn, and Fucshia Spark. I went for the Nude Burn which suits better my skin color.

How to use Cream Blush Cheek Heat by Maybelline?
 Take 3 smalls dots that you apply 
along your cheekbone, then blend with the tip of your fingers or a blush brush, and finally, for a more vibrant impact, you can build the gel-cream on your cheek.

What was my first impression?
 My first impression was very positive. i was actually very impressed, especially since that was my first try on a cream-like blusher. Honestly, I was kind of expecting something a bit 'cacky' or hard to blend or even with the possible result of removing my foundation layer as I apply the gel cream blusher. But let me assure you that I actually did not experience any of those, in fact, the opposite really. My skin was prepped with a daily moisturizer followed by my usual foundation ( the Infallible 24H-Matte by L'Oréal shade 13 Rose Beige ). Following on how to use this product I apply 
few dots along my cheekbones and I simply blend with the tip of my fingers. and that was all.
 The gel-cream literally feels like a very light gel and is very easy to blend, it does not feel heavy or itchy, or oily. Once the product is dry when I feel it with the tip of my fingers it feels very soft like a traditional compact blusher would generally feel likes.
 After applying this Cheek Heat cream blusher, have done nothing else to my face and I am happy to report that after about 10-12 hours of wear I have seen no 'movement' on this blusher. It was still as I first applying it on the morning of that day. 

Would I recommend this blusher?
 You probably guessed my answer by now? but here it is just in case:  Yes, Yes, and yes again. Out of all my blushers, this one is the one I now pick up automatically, I absolutely love it. I love the design, the easy friendly use and most of all the result is perfect for my book, so what more to say really? Love all-around!

Have you tried this gel-cream blusher by Maybelline before? Or you are hoping to? Tell me all by commenting below.



  1. I would love to try one of the blush colors!🙂


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