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Saturday 23 July 2022 Banbury, UK

As you may or may not know but I have been a bit of a fanatic of Japanese and South Korean cultures since I was like 10 years old yes....literally ( I am in my 40s now), starting at that young age with anime, manga ...and later on in my life, Jpop and Kpop along with cinematography, etc. naturally followed. by the way, go see my Japanese travel post on here and here.

 So of course the past few years have started getting my hand on Korean or Japanese skincare which is reputed to be excellent and affordable too. In the past few years getting your hand in Japanese or Korean skincare has become easier than before and of course, I really enjoy that. 

Lately, I purchased this Oh!K Soothing Face Lotion, I thought the design was rather fun, and being the hot season right now the mention of 'soothing' got me excited. But before going any further let's talk about OhKlife the brand.
4 points they are proud to report are:
 Made in Korea
Cruelty free 
Hard working Ingredients

 All this implied that they formulate products that promote healthy skin and protect the skin barrier, tested by real people with real skincare issues with real results. Their clean consciousness means they are also conscious of developing sustainable products by banning +1500 ingredients that do not regulate by EU standards and let's not mention they do not retouch any of their photography on their website or advertising. Do you know many skincare brands that promise this? well, not a lot but we are getting there one step at a time, and I cannot wait when all forms of picture retouch would be banned.

Have been using the oh!K Soothing Face Lotion for a few weeks now and it become very quickly one of my favourite skincare products to apply daily.
 What I love about it it s the generous amount you get from the product but most importantly it does what it says on the tin, It's soothing as soon as you applied it, describing it is difficult but it feels like when you remove your make up after a long day well it's kind of that but in a cream form. Very soothing, not greasy, does not leave any sticky marks, and it's super absorbent. I tend to put rather a good amount and my skin has no issue absorbing it while leaving behind hydrated and soft skin. we love it.

The scent is very subtle and almost inexistent. 
One of the two key ingredients is: White tea which is a source of antioxidant, prevent acne, and help with sunburn. The next ingredient is Zinc which like white tea prevents acne, also known to help to prevent skin cancer, and many more benefits of all kinds for your skin.

Do I like this product?
 Yes! very much for the quality of the product and for what this brand believes.

 Would I purchase it again?
 Yes for sure if the occasion arises.

Would I recommend Oh!K?
 Yes absolutely. Do check their website here. they also offered all sorts of skin care products from face, hand, and feet masks, to night and day cream and many serums... so have a look.

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